Sunday, 1 July 2012

Second Year of Projects Week 1

I'm back! I'll be updating what I've been up to soon, but I just wanted to get my Year of Projects post in!
I can't believe this year is over! I decided to do a quick run through of how I did last year. I managed 6/12 knitting projects and 3/5 sewing projects, so not great, hopefully I can do better this year!

Betty the blob - completed 4th November 2011
Central Park Hoodie - completed 13th May 2012
The boy's scarf - completed 19th April 2012
Cabled Jacket with Hood for the God-daughter's christening present - completed 14th August 2011
Pug Dog Washcloth for H's birthday - completed 3rd October 2011
Make-up Socks by Kirsten Kapur - completed 6th June 2012
Build-a-bear dress - completed 23rd January 2012
Sock monkey for V's birthday - completed 8th December 2011
Blackwork test stitch - completed 10th July 2011
On to this years list:

Tubby by Anna Hrachovec
Arielle by Kim Hargreaves
Hönkä Scarf
As many Preemie Baby things as possible for donation

Speleology Socks
Confetti Socks
Watermelon Socks
Staked Socks
Socks for Connor
Mini Make-Up Socks for Mum

Map of Yorkshire
Gran's embroidery

So really the aim is to make a pair of socks a month as well as a couple of bigger projects. Fingers crossed I can get through them this time! All of these are yarn already in my stash, so hopefully I won't make any more purchases this year!


  1. Hoooooray for getting 50% of your items done from the first year of projects. I'm still in the middle of mine so I have nothing I can say about it :)

    Then again, I'm moving so we'll see how far I actually get...

  2. Your projects from last year are great - thanks for reminding me of all of them! I love your new list and am quite impressed by your sock a month goal.

  3. That's quite a list, I really admire people who can knit socks. Looking forward to seeing how you progress.

  4. You did great on last years list and lots there I loved seeing. Great list this year, the Honka scarf really sticks out so I'll be looking forward to seeing that and you've some great sock patterns there, I feel some of those will sneak onto my favourites as the year goes on. The watermelon and Halloween Ghost ones are really cute.

  5. Love seeing all your FO! I hope that will be me next year :) Congrats for getting 50% done and best of luck for this year. I love your new list and can't wait to see your progress.

  6. I love it that some are including sewing projects on their lists this year :) Great idea! I need to get back to sewing! Good luck with this year's list, can't wait to see your progress!

  7. Hey 50% is great, I hope I will achieve the same results! Love your one a month socks. I wanted to do the same but I finish shy and just try to do one every two monthes.

  8. Umm,you accomplished all that last year while studying medicine??--Oh and blogged about it? You are amazing and it is great to know you are joining us again. Congrats on completing your exams and your vacation looked amazing, even if it did rain!
    *smiles and cheery thoughts*

  9. Congrats on your accomplishments from last year..I'm sure you will do as good or better this year....

  10. I think you did great last year! A pair of socks a month plus other projects is adventurous, but that's the idea right? Good luck!!

  11. Lots of lovely things last year. I checked out all those sock pattern links, and my queue is now A LOT LONGER. Oh dear!

  12. i love the sock challenge! that will be a great challenge and looking forward to seeing all of your projects!

  13. I love last years projects, it's great to see them up there all together! good luck with the new list, I'm keen to see how you get on :)

  14. Nice recap, I remember a good number of your projects, but didn't remember Betty Blob! She's adorable. Thanks for the link. I added it to my library. That might force me to try my hand with DP's. Best of luck as we embark on our mission of year 2.

  15. You may not have completed last year's list (mind you you're not alone there) but what you made was fabulous. This year's is a long list - you're going to be busy. Wow, all those socks. Will look forward to your updates. xoxox

  16. wow, beautiful job on the sweaters. I love your tubby. my dd would go nuts for that. I might have to sneak that on my list this year.