Saturday, 7 July 2012

More holidays, I'm spoilt!

Best news I've heard all week, I got my exam results back! A 75% in the medical knowledge exam including 86% in clinical skills, a 87% in Theraputics (basic prescribing) and a 89% in my community follow up project (following a patient for 18 months and writing about their journey through health care). I've I've added up correctly, this means I have a 1st (the top degree classification) for my first degree, with 2 more years to go until I qualify as a doctor. I'm so happy!

I've had another lovely week, before I start Pediatrics on Monday. My mum whisked me off for a mini break to London, where we did a bit of shopping and went to a couple of shows: Sweeney Todd and Matilda,which were both excellent, but very different!

I had to go to a couple of knitting shops when in London, of course! I got a very cute pair of knitting earrings, and, from I Knit, some KnitPro interchangable needles and a gorgeous colour of sock yarn.
I do not need any more yarn for a long time!

Then I drove my mum and Connor to Whitby (famous for Dracula and Whitby Goth weekend) for 2 nights. Even in July, it was very gothic, this was the view from the bridge (this was daytime by the way)
I did not enjoy driving over the North York Moors in that this morning!

We also took a trip to see my parents new puppy. She's called Amber (I named her) and she's a four week old working Cocker Spaniel. Their other cocker spaniels are 12 and 7, so the plan is to retire the older one and train the new one to work. She is so cute!
I'm driving back to Uni tomorrow, and them my term starts at 8:30 on Monday. It's been a whirlwind 2 weeks, but a much needed break, so I'm very happy. I owe a lot of blog visits, since I've had pretty much no internets for 2 weeks, so my plan for next week is to read lots of blogs, since hopefully there won't be too much to do workwise next week


  1. Congratulations on your scores! I am drooling over that sock yarn!

  2. Congratulations!! So very happy for your well-deserved high marks!

  3. Congrats on the exams, that's fantastic!! And that new puppy your parents have....oh my, how adorable!

  4. What an excellent way to celebrate your successful exams! Don't forget to knit in-between your studies to stay balanced! : )

  5. congrats on the great results!!

  6. Awwwww lots of lovely news, thats fantastic results you have there! Well done!

    I love the little puppy, soooo adorable!

  7. Wooooo-hoooooo! Congratulations are in order (and a well-deserved break). Hope things are well :)

  8. Congratulations! Excellent results!

    Am jealous that you got to go see Sweeney Todd. It's on my bucket list.