Sunday, 1 July 2012


Sorry that I've not been around these past couple of weeks, they've been very busy! Warning, this is long and picture heavy post!

I think the best news is that my exams are over! I'm not entirely sure how they went, the written paper was very difficult, but then I always knew it would be, as it covered all aspects of medicine. The clinical skills practical exam went ok, I think the patient liked me, which is always a plus, and the examinations went well, but I did manage to forget that Chest X-Rays exist,even though the examiner was hinting strongly about a very simple investigation, I only managed to come up with the complicated ones. Then about 10 minutes later I blurted "chest X-rays" at him, and he laughed quite a lot, which I hope is a good sign...

I thought the best way to celebrate was sitting outside  in the sun with a glass of champagne with real gold in it (a gift from my Mum)!

I went pretty much straight from my exam to Cumbria for a weeks holiday and Woolfest, which was incredible! So many pretty things, and some very amazing animals

I especially liked the alpaca with the toupee! I was spoilt for choice with the shopping, and since I got some money for my birthday, I decided to spend it.
I got some dyed merino and some shetland for spinning, plus a pack of alpaca from Quinn (in the picture above, he's the light one) and some angora bunny (who I also met), which is like angel hair and I have no idea what to do with. Then I couldn't resist the sock yarn, so I got a Zauerball, some hand dyed Laal Bear yarn, and some undyed yarn and a pot of dye to make Hopsox, the patten for which was sold for to raise money for Medcins Sans Frontiers. Even Tomcat got a gift, a mini sheepskin rug so he stops sleeping on my knitting!

The holiday was very relaxing, even both roads  into the village got flooded one day, so we had real problems getting back to the cottage! I don't have a picture of that, but to give you an idea, this is one of the fields
We  saw some sheep stranded on what had become an island in the middle of their field, and some cows up to their bellies in water, and unsurprisingly it rained a lot!

But we still did a few things. We went to a bird of prey sanctuary andwatched the birds flying.
I got to have a go flying the last guy (a Harris Hawk), which was great fun!

Apart from that,we saw some castles (ruined and not)
Walked a lot, and saw some beautiful waterfalls
High Force, normally water only runs down one side...
Caldron Snout.

Apart from that we relaxed, I crafted and we went to the pub that was attached to our cottage. We even managed to win the pub quiz one night!

I could show you the crafting, since I got lots done, but this post is far too long already, so I will save that for Friday. I'm off to London tomorrow with my Mum for 2 days, so I expect I'll have pictures of that to show you when I get back!


  1. You must have been in my neck of the woods if you went to High Force. Sounds like a lovely holiday.

  2. I think it sounds as though your exams went well (which is grand) and that a vacation was definitely in order. And you got a lot of fun, fibery things, again grand :)

  3. Applause for finishing your exams so well. Lovely holiday and I hope your two days in London are equally relaxing and fun.

  4. That's always the way, isn't it, to forget the simple answers when you're under pressure in an exam!

    Jealous of your bird-flying, I'd love to go do that.

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :-). Nice to find yours! I love heavy picture posts, keep them coming! I want to visit a wooly fest too...I have to find out if there are any in the Netherlands. You got some great stuff!