6/12 completed

Betty the blob - completed 4th November 2011
Central Park Hoodie - completed 13th May 2012
The boy's scarf - completed 19th April 2012

New Projects
Cabled Jacket with Hood for the God-daughter's christening present - completed 14th August 2011
Tubby by Anna Hrachovec
Arielle by Kim Hargreaves
Pug Dog Washcloth for H's birthday - completed 3rd October 2011

Make-up Socks by Kirsten Kapur - completed 6th June 2012
Textured Cushion by Amy Butler for the boy
Build-a-bear jumper

3/5 completed

Tatty Teddy bookmark
Build-a-bear dress - completed 23rd January 2012

New Projects
Sock monkey for V's birthday - completed 8th December 2011
Popcorn bookmark 

Blackwork test stitch - completed 10th July 2011
If time
Frog my purple scarf - completed 22nd January 2012
Knit a new purple scarf
Cross stitch for the boy
Map of Yorkshire
Gran's birthday embroidery