Sunday, 6 October 2013

Third Year of Projects Week 14

I apologise for not getting to everyone's posts last week, it has been a very busy week in terms of real life, which you can read all about later, but I will try to visit them at some point this week.

But in terms of knitting, I started a new pair of socks, which I think will be a birthday gift to my best friend. The pattern is Hopsox and I hand dyed the yarn using Wiltons Icing dyes earlier in the year. I was hoping for a semi-solid, and I think it worked really well

 photo DSCF4417_zpse9472d34.jpg

The pattern is interesting because the cables are ribbed, and there is no chart! Also, the stitch pattern is written on a different page to the leg instructions, and is not just repeated across the leg of the sock. It's pretty easy once you have got through a bit of the pattern, because it's simple to remember, but it did confuse me for a while.

I also got some modelled pictures of my Speleology socks

 photo DSCF4406_zps94d8f0fe.jpg

 photo DSCF4409_zpsaf6b257b.jpg

 photo DSCF4414_zps2520bafd.jpg

So, real life. I'm currently having to decide where abouts in the country I want to be for the next two years, which involves an awful lot of research and trying to decide what my priorities are for work. I have to visit every separate deanery's website, find the relevant information, synthesise it into a document that means I can compare it with other deaneries, and look at the jobs available in that area. It's a lot of work, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed! In addition, Connor is currently also job hunting, which means that he's trying to find jobs in areas he's interested in (or really any job), but with him being unemployed, it's taken a toll on our finances.

And finally, I spent today packing since I have to move to a small town about 3 hours away for placement, and I will be commuting up there at the end of each weekend, and travelling back home for teaching on a Friday. It's very difficult to know what is best to take if I'm only there for weekdays, and I need bedding and food etc. So, it's been a busy week, and I have a feeling next week will be just as busy! Hopefully we can get it all sorted out soon though!

 photo 5825787323_4738d46a99_z-001_zps2ca68ebf.jpg