Sunday, 25 November 2012

Second Year of Projects Week 22

So I'm taking a quick break from revising to write this post, I've got an exam tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday, and I'm starting to stress a bit!

I finished my little preemie set by making a cabled hat to match the cardi


So on my last day of this placement, I dropped this little lot off at the NICU


It felt like a lot when I was making it, but it doesn't seem like much now. I guess I'll have to get cracking and make some more!

I haven't really had much time for knitting this week, due to the exams, but I have started my next pair of socks

Connor asked for a pair of comfy slipper socks "like yours," so I bought exactly the same yarn but in baby blue, and I'm making him a pair. Not sure he'll think they're very manly, but they very soft and warm, so I think he'll like them. He has size 10 feet, so he's never getting a pair in sock yarn! These are knit in Sidar Baby Crofter DK and I love watching how the pattern comes out as I knit.

So very brief post again, but next weekend I will have nothing to do but knit! It will be bliss and I can't wait!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Second Year of Projects Week 20 and 21

So I missed last weeks post, but i don't think I'm doing too badly since it's the first I've missed all year! I'm a bit snowed under with Uni work, since I have three massive exams starting on 26th November, and I feel like there's know way I can learn everything I need to! I have to learn all the diagnosis, investigations and management of everything I could encounter in Paeds, Obs and Gynae, which feel like an impossible task...

But knitting wise, I finished the Confetti socks last week for my friend. I really want to have a pair myself! I might just have enough yarn left to make some little ankle socks, which would make me very happy

I hope they fit! But I do think she'll like them

In between revising, I needed some mindless knitting, so it's been back to the Preemie outfits.
This is more of a newborn size, because the hospital wanted some larger cardis, and I jazzed it up with some simple cables. I think it's really cute, and I'm currently making a cabled hat to match. I'm hoping to drop off everything I've made so far to the NICU next week. I hope they like everything! And now back to exam work I go...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Second Year of Projects Week 19

Sorry this post is late, but I was at a Trampolining competition all day Sunday (which went amazing). My only aim was to not land on my arse, and I managed it in both routines. You want to see? Well, I'm sure I can be persuaded:
Yes there is video evidence =P My only aim was to successfully complete both routines, which I did for the first time ever, and I came 48th out of 76, but since I never aimed to win, I'm very happy with that.

Then last night I went to see Evanescence, since there's nothing like some cheesy goth pop to cheer you up.
Obligatory grainy mobile phone picture. The gig was amazing, Amy Lee can really sing live; I was a bit worried, given the vocal ranges in her songs, that they wouldn't come across as well on stage, but she had no problems belting them out. The gig was surprisingly empty though, only about half full, but it meant we got to get really close to the stage, so I was happy.

But anyway, you're here to read about knitting.
I've finished the first of my confetti socks and started on the second. I'm really hoping this socks fits, as I'm working off a shoe size, and even more unhelpfully, when I asked what size my friends feet were, her response was "depends which foot you ask." They're just over a centimetre longer than my foot, and apparently UK shoe sizes go up by about a centimetre each time, so I'm hoping that will be ok. I'm not sure about the seaming for the cuff, it looks a little odd to me, but I like the cuff itself, so I'm not sure that it's that important
I really love this pattern with the yarn, it reminds me a bit of fish scales, which is perfect, as my friend just got a degree in zoology, and has a love of marine mammals. Just need to finish them before her birthday!