Friday, 29 April 2011

I love cables! And weddings!

Seriously. Every time I start to get bored with this jumper, an interesting cable bit comes in. It's like knitting for ADHD people. The minute you get bored, everything changes. I think I've found my forté in knitting! And my hoodie is going really well!

I spent this afternoon at a street party with my parent's next door neighbours to celebrate the royal wedding. have to say, even though I'm not pro-royalist, I really enjoyed it. I think Kate Middleton's dress was absolutely beautiful, and Princess Beatrice's hat was hideous! Also, there was a bridesmaid that looked like the bride of Chucky! But if I had an opportunity to wear it, I would definitely steal Kate's sister's bridesmaid dress. In my opinion, it was even more lovely than the wedding dress. And I couldn't stop smiling at the happy couple. They clearly love each other very much, and I loved the fact that Kate didn't stop grinning all day!

I've spent the afternoon finishing my coursework, then when it was finished, drinking wine and eating barbecue with the neighbours. I discovered my next door neighbour's daughter went to Nottingham to study nursing, so I spent a nice evening drinking white wine and discussing the QMC, various injuries and med students' attitudes to nurses. I think I had a little too much wine though!

Anyway the boy's project on Hard Knott has come on so much! Since I have had a very large hand in this, I think I can post it: 

We went from this:

To this:

And then this:
I'm actually really impressed by how good this looks, and how quick it's coming along, I just wish the photos showed the 3D aspect of it better. I'm just really proud of my boy. And I have no interesting knitting or cross stitch to post. So who else has done big, non-fabric related projects?

I know I haven't!


  1. Kate's dress was really pretty. I have gotten a single sentence for my history paper done. So I guess that's a start to my non-fabric related project.

  2. I love cables too - I was so impressed when I realised they weren't nearly as complicated as I originally thought they would be ;)