Sunday, 8 May 2011

Revision, how I loath thee

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but I have quite literally done absolutely nothing all week except revise, help the boy with his fort (yes, it is late now!) and do a few rows on my Central Park Hoodie. I would post progress pics, but it looks almost the same as it did last time except just a little bit longer.

I need to destress, but I'm looking forward to 2 weeks time, when the majority of my exams will be over! Yes, I will still have a bit of revision to do, but luckily not a lot, as I have 6 exams in 4 days, then a week, 1 exam, another week, 1 exam. I'm already planning my projects for summer when I will hopefully have more time, and thinking about job hunting!

I did recently find out that my dissertation next year will be on Pregnancy, Reproduction and Development, which I'm very pleased about. It was my 2nd choice and means that I will be spending most of next year working on something I actually enjoy.

On Monday, look out for my ABCs with an Accidental Knitter, which I have decided to take part in. I think it's a good way to get into a habit of updating this blog, and it could be really interesting. It'll also be a bit of a challenge, coming up with something to post for each letter. If you want to join in, sign up on her site. I can;t wait to see what everyone comes up with, especially for x!

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