Monday, 16 May 2011

B is for... Bluetits

Well, since I have exams, I have nothing crafty to post, so here's a very short post....

We have baby bluetits! I saw one of them come out to take its first flight a few days ago, and they're so cute. If you go into the garden you can hear them chirping away and watch the parents come and feed them.

Since then i've seen the whole family out together in our tree, Mum, Dad and 3 babies.

They're really fluffy and look something like this:

It makes me smile everytime I see them or hear them cheeping!

Edit: I forgot the Mr Linky! See more ABCs here!


  1. Aww How adorable. He looks so grumpy XD

  2. May I third the "Awwww, how adorable" comment?!

  3. I love Bluetits, they're so adorable :D

  4. That is just lovely. It's made my day, thanks for posting it. I haven't seen any babies yet, but their mums and dads are certainly on the feeders a lot, so any time now.

  5. So cute! Don't think we have any hatchlings here yet, but looks like it won't be long : )

  6. What a fabulous picture. Did you take that photo? I wish my camera took such fabulous shots. I love that you threw in something non-knitting to the ABCs of knitting. Great idea!