Monday, 30 May 2011

D is for... Dread

I am dreading a lot of things at the moment:

I'm dreading my exam on Wednesday.
I'm dreading failing any of my exams
I'm dreading hating my dissertation.
I'm dreading trying to make my housemate pay her bills and move out.
I'm dreading cleaning the house.
I'm dreading our landlords taking all of our deposit.
I'm dreading forgetting to do something and losing our club's stall at Fresher's fair.
I'm dreading being an awful president of said club.
I'm dreading job hunting.
I'm dreading not getting a job.
I'm dreading getting a job.

I just want to go home...

So to cheer myself up, I cast on the snuggly soft simple socks I've been promising myself I won't start 'til I finish my other WIPs:
I love them! They're so soft and snuggly I never want to take them off, and I haven't even finished one yet!

Wish me luck for my exam?

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  1. Good luck on your exams! And I'm sorry for all your dread. Knitting is the perfect cure...especially with such a cute project!

  2. I hate the dread! I'm also drowning dread over the job prospect :( It sure is nice to have a constructive distraction. All the best, you';; do great!!!

  3. Oh my word - I want those socks! They look amazing. Is that self striping yarn or did you do the color working? What brand is that... I might be able to work up my own and not have to be a thief in the night and steal yours... lol.

  4. Oh no!!! I wish you luck on your exams and "YAY" to you for having your knitting make you feel better!

  5. oh man! so sorry you're having such a stressful time of it all - med examsare pretty scary! you'll do great! best of luck!
    and good luck with all the rest too.
    in a couple of weeks, you can rest up and you'll look back on all this and say...why was i so worried? ;)

  6. Good luck. I really hope the feeling of dread goes away soon!

    The socks will be fab - that yarn knits up so snuggly doesn't it?!

  7. I'm sending you lots of luck (and confidence) for your exams. Knitting as a cure for the "dreads?" Always!!

  8. Definitely wishing you all the luck for your exams!

    I hope you are feeling less "dread"ful soon

  9. All the best for the exams! xxx