Thursday, 2 June 2011


My exams are over! No more stress!

And the last one didn't go nearly as badly as I feared, which is very nice. Now just to wait til the 20th for my results.

Today's been a catching up on important things that I haven't done for the last 3 weeks, like laundry and cleaning, as well as trying to sort things out for when me move out at the end of this month (which I cannot WAIT for). I've talked to all the bill companies and I think we're going to have to pay about £200 at least when we leave, which wouldn't be too bad if one of my housemates wasn't point blank refusing to pay any bills, but that's a whole other kettle of fish. I'm going to start job hunting this week, and I get to see all my friends on Saturday for a birthday celebration.

I had a bit of a disaster last night involving my boyfriend's bum, my housemate's chocolate and my nearly finished sock:
I could have cried at the time, but I've given it a wash today and it seems ok. I'm just letting it dry then I can finish it.

The boy has finally finished and handed in his fort and all the things that go with it, and it looks amazing! If anyone's interested, here are some pictures

And yes, it's 92cm x 62cm, and totally to scale. I know the amount of effort that went into this, and the time it took.

Now to some free time and some knitting!

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