Monday, 20 June 2011

G is for...

Today, G was going to be for Going home, but unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstance, we're staying in this house until Friday. I cannot wait to move out, and I'm then going back to my parents house for 2 months before me and the boy move into our new house! We have almost no stuff left, since my dad came and took it away on Sunday, so there's only enough things that we can carry on the train. It feels so empty

So G is for Got my results! I got a 67% average, which I'm really pleased with, though I did want to get over 70. I only have one year left for my first degree, and to get a first I need over a 70% average. But next year is worth 60% of my marks for my degree, so I should be able to do it. Just more work and less knitting! The boy got a 64% average, and he's really pleased too.

G is also for Giving geeks, a Nerdwars challenge.  I'm still knitting preemie hats, and I've now made 8, 4 for boys and 4 for girls. I've started my 9th, then I'm going to make some ventilator bonnets, which I've just found out our NICU is in desperate need of! It's a good job I have a lot of baby yarn.

G is for Good food. The boy made the most AMAZING roast pork lunch today with roast potatoes and gravy. I take responsibility for the vegetables though, carot and swede mash with pepper., and broccolli It was so good, and it made a good going away meal for our best friend, who's off back to London today. I cannot cook to save my life, so I'm blessed that my boy has such amazing cooking talents.

Finally G is for Going on holiday. My parents have invited the boy and me to a cottage they're renting at Sands End near Whitby next week, from Saturday to Tuesday, so my post week will be a bit late. I haven't been on holiday in over 2 years now, so I'm so excited to go, knit and relax, before the serious job hunting starts.

So that's my G post, sorry for the lack of pictures. To see more, check out here.


  1. K, so I'm a dumb American....but around here, anything under 80% is generally not a good thing. So, explain this to me sometime (not necessarily right here in a comment because that might be silly and long).

    But, yes, I'm having a dumb and I don't get it...

    And hey, if you're happy, woo-hoo then!

  2. I'm also an American and I have to comment. I think the problem is that here in the States, our grades tend to be inflated...terribly so. Today's 80% is about 65% by my mother's standards. We compare miserably to other countries in math, science and maybe if we evaluated our children a little more harshly...


    Anyhooo....(stepping off my soapbox)

    Congrats on your marks. Good for you knitting preemie hats and enjoy your holiday!!

  3. Just to answer your question, I don't know anybody that has an average of over 80%! We have several classes of marks, less than 40 is a fail 40-50 is a 3rd class degree, 50-60 is a 2:2, 60-70 is a 2:1 and 70 and above is a first. Getting a 2:1 is a perfectly respectable degree mark to come out with from university, whilst getting a 1st is a very good mark. I'm trying to aim high and push myself.

    I think they might moderate our marks down as well, particularly in humanities degress, like my boy does, as it's not possible in his degree to get over 85%.

    Also in one of my modules, the pass mark is 75%, but then they moderate it down to the university prescribed mark of 40%.

    But generally, you can be happy with an average of over 60% and very happy with an average of over 70%

    Does that make it all a bit clearer?

  4. Kind just seems strange to hear people being happy about 65% because I'm so used to people being ready to go postal about that kind of score.

    And I agree that grades here are inflated to an extent. I think it depends on what we're talking about. I think the percentages need to be shortened for our grades. Like instead of a 90-100 = A (or a 4.0 for University), it should be something more like a 95-100 and a 90-95 = B (or a 3.0) and so on and so forth.

    It's still strange to me...different, not weird.

  5. Enjoy your holiday. It sounds divine and well deserved!

  6. That's lots of G's ;) the roast pork lunch sounds very tasty!

  7. Sounds like you have been very busy, so I'm sure you will enjoy your holiday and a much needed rest!

  8. Congratulations on your scores, it's great news! Have a lovely relaxing, knitty time in Whitby! :)

  9. Congrats on your scores, but as an American, I was glad Renee Anne asked to explain how it works because I didn't get it either!! It's amazing how different things really are in different countries... that absolutely fascinates me!

  10. Well done!
    What subject are you studying?