Monday, 6 June 2011

E is for... Emma!

I thought I might do my post this week on... well... me! Especially since I turn 20 tomorrow, so I think I'm allowed to be self absorbed for a couple of days.

This is me:
Or at least it was in 1997. Wasn't I a cute child? The most recent comparable picture is the one from when I  left school 2 years ago:

Apart from me, there are 4 other people who appear in both pictures, and I bet you can't tell who they are! Hmm.. I have no idea why I was wearing a suit with trainers that day... Actually I do, it was comfy! But breaking the school dress code is bad...

Having had a browse through my facebook pictures, anybody would think I spend my time in fancy dress, drunk and/or pulling silly faces. Case in point:

But there are a couple of things that are very important to me, apart from knitting of course.

First the boy, Connor. We've been together 2 years, best friends for 5 and have lived together for a year:
And if you're interested. That's the house I grew up in in the background.

Then there are my doggies:

The little black and white one is Siouxsie Sioux (after Siouxsie and the Banshees), and she's 6, and the bigger brown and white one is Jessie (named after Toy Story 2) and she's 11 and going very deaf! They're both Cocker Spaniels.

Then there's trampolining, which I am President of. I don't have any pictures of me on a trampoline, so here's some of my club looking very attractive in unflattering leotards:
Then there's my degree. I wish I had an exciting picture of me in scrubs or a lab coat to show you, but cameras aren't allowed in labs, and I haven't been able to wear scrubs yet! I do love it though. I started the work for my dissertation today and it's amazing. I'm studying Pregnancy, Reproduction and Development, though I haven't decided on my specific research project yet. And I'm already the go to girl for all medical advice among my friends and family.

And finally there's my friends. What actually got me all nostalgic was that some of my school friends made the effort to travel from all over the country to see me this weekend to celebrate my birthday with me. And one of them made me this. It's a wall hanging with pictures of us and things that remind her of me, like some cute but evil things and her old school tie. I was just so touched that she made such an effort and I love it!
Other interesting facts: I have 7 ear piercings and a tattoo. I hate mushrooms and I have most probably seen any band you can name at a festival somewhere =P

 Right that's enough self indulgence for now! And I hope that's a good introduction to me.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Welcome to the 20s!

  2. Hi you :) That was a good introduction, and happy birthday for tomorrow!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Your going to love being twenty.. I do XD

  4. Happy Birthday, love those doggies.

  5. Happy birthday! I was going to say to have some cake, but then I remembered that cake doesn't show up on all websites, only Rav. Why can't more sites be that awesome?!

  6. Finished exams and a birthday - it doesn't get much better! Love the present from your friend - that's so cool!

    And a trampolinist too - I loved trampolining but had to give it up after an injury. I still get the urge to give it a go when I'm waiting for the DS to finish badminton and the trampolining club are in action....