Tuesday, 14 June 2011

F is for... Freedom

Freedom means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Although it's defined as "The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint" I think that most people would agree that when thinking about it, they would say that to them, certain things make them think of freedom.

For me it is:

The time when the housework is done, the uni work is done and there is nothing hanging over your head that you HAVE to do.

The feeling when you are upside down on a trampoline, and it feels like you're flying

Wearing whatever you want and not caring what other people think about it (purple zebra trousers and a very studded plastic jacket anyone?)

A time to sit and knit, for as long as you want, knowing there is nothing else you should be doing

Cuddling up in bed with the one you love, knowing you don't have to get up for a long time

The moment when you are standing at the top of a mountain, knowing the only way from here is down, and the climb was so worth it (if you're interested, the picture is of Mount Mulangi in Malawi)

Jumping  into the sea from big height (here it's off the top deck of a boat, and technically it's a very large lake)

Being in that crowd, enjoying the music and moving as one

Sitting round a campfire at a music festival, drinking cider with your friends, surrounded by 200,000 people

Dancing with your friends, completely sober, just because you can and they won't judge you

Having the time and money to just get in your car and drive, and see where it takes you

Going to the beach on the only hot day of the summer, and doing nothing all day

Watching a beautiful sunset, and feeling peaceful and happy.

I class a lot of things as defining freedom to me, even though they don't all fit into that definition at the top. What would you class as defining freedom to you? I'm genuinely interested in what t means to different people.

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  1. Excellent definition of freedom :) You're right, it does mean more than the dry definition, and I like the pictures you chose!

  2. That was fun! Freedom is all of those things you described... total abandonment of the trims and trappings without fear - and it's a beautiful thing.

  3. Ahhhhhh, I feel so relaxed after reading that!! I want my freedom too! ;-D

  4. That sums it up. You've reminded me not to lose sight of it.

  5. To me, freedom is having nothing (chores, deadlines, debts,...) looming over me.

    But true freedom is the feeling i get when the boy and i drive into the sunset on one of our adventure filled road trips!