Friday, 8 April 2011

FO Friday, 1 year too late...

I though that since I just joined the amazing Blog Hub on Ravelry, I might join in with their finished object Friday. Only problem is, I definitely don't have a finished object to show off at the moment! So I thought I would go back in time to this point last year and show off my amazing Egg Cosies made from the Novelty Eggs pattern by Jean Greenhowe, on her free pattern page. I would really like to give this another go actually, as it only took me a couple of hours, and I'm sure I could do better now.
These were made for my housemates last year, before the big fall out, which is a totally different story. They're customised to represent the person they were intended for, since housemate 1 loves flowers and housemate 2 has a very silly purple beret. They were one of the first things I knitted so they're not perfect, but I was so proud of them and still think they're cute! The one on the left's eyes look a bit evil though...

The only problem is that they're designed to fit Cadbury's creme eggs, which of course I put in when they were given as gifts, but then you can knit a woolly egg to go inside so they don't collapse. I have no idea what I did, but my woolly eggs came out looking more like woolly tampons! I wish I'd got a picture...

Almost all the wool I used was from scraps that my Gran gave me after she discovered I was knitting since she can't do it any more, so I wanted to give it a good home, but it was all half balls with no labels. The purple came from the first thing I ever learnt to knit, which is a disastrous scarf that has never been finished but I can't bare to frog unless I have something else to do with the wool. Anyone got any idea what I can do with 3 skeins of this (300g) in purple?

All I can say is, housemate 1 still has her egg up on the mantelpiece in her room, so I think it was appreciated!

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  1. Those are super cute. I really like them XD