Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WIP Wednesday - Cables!

Well I discovered many things this week, but the most important is, cables are fun! I'm getting on pretty well with my Central Park Hoodie, though I'm not sure if it'll fit me or not. It's a good job I like tight fitting jumpers. Again, not much time for knitting this week though, but this is so quick and easy to make, so it's going really well. The only thing is, this wool seems pretty insubstantial and I can't believe it's aran weight, it feels more like DK. But its very soft and I can just wear it in spring/autumn if its a bit too thin for winter.

Most of my week has been taken up writing an executive summary for a report (which doesn't exist) following a meeting of the Martinshire County Health Budget Stakeholder meeting (yes, that also doesn't exist). Sometimes my coursework seems like a bit of stupid idea. This is for the module which has more work for the exam than any other, and is worth about 1/8th of the marks of any other. But I shouldn't complain, it'll work out OK in the end, and I'll have lots of knitting time after the exams are over.

The rest of the week was spent helping with this:

And I had to sacrifice my best needle to this fort! It's getting very impressive at the moment, but it needs handing in on Tuesday so it really needs to get finished. I'm sure it'll be finished in time. I hope it'll be finished in time...

Head on over to Tami's Amis to see other people's amazing work.


  1. The cables are really nice-looking. I keep thinking that I want to try out something with cables, but it keeps getting bumped by other interesting-looking projects.

  2. Wow, your cables look great! I have the central park hoodie pattern in my queue for when I get good enough to knit it. Can't wait to see yours progress!