Friday, 22 April 2011

Cast on Friday... Not got the same ring to it...

Well, I've really not done too much since I last posted, as I've been working, and then today we went to the Lake District to look at Hard Knott fort for the boy's Uni project. It was really nice looking at all the ruins, even though I spent most of the day holding a tape measure (see picture for what we did!), and I got a few rows of my scarf done sitting in the sun whilst the boy and my Dad climbed a mountain. I would've gone up too, but it felt like a bit of a busman's holiday, since I spend every day walking!

The boy might kill me for that one, but I love it. He's standing in the ruins of a sauna at the bath house just outside the fort walls. And here are a couple of pictures just to show the amazing views (and how surprisingly sunny it was!):

That last one had my Mum, Dad and dogs in the background if you're keen eyed (or click on it to make it bigger!) Anyway, I doubt anyone is interested, but if you like forts, the full album is here

Back to knitting, I did my gauge swatch for the central park hoodie, and I got 18 stitches and 26 rows per 4 inches, rather than 17 and 24. But since I'm somewhere between a size 36 and 38, I've decided to go with my gauge and knit a size 40.... I hope it works out ok. But since I've had no time at all, I've got about 4 rows done so far.

And I realised that since my gauge swatch is a square, I can donate it to Knit-a-soc (my Uni knitting society) for their snuggly square drive, which they're using to make blankets for the elderly. I need to make some more of those as well!


  1. What a gorgeous blue sky!

  2. The ruins look amazing. And so does the sun and blue sky XD

  3. Lovely pictures :) One thing that swatches are also good for - seeing how well the yarn washes, or how big it stretches when you block it... But donating to a blankets for the elderly sounds like a much nicer use of it!