Monday, 18 April 2011

Accidental stash enhancement

As I said yesterday, today was the boy's birthday and he loved my presents. I even managed to surprise him which is almost impossible, so I was very pleased with myself! I got him a couple of books, an old Warhammer Predator, which he knew he was getting and Pokemon White for the DS. He loved them. Then today I bought him a surprise Storm Raven in the Games Workshop shop...

But the surprise stash enhancement came after we went for lunch and were near the hobbycraft store in Leeds, which I've never been to. We thought we would just nip in to see what they had and I spotted the biggest ball of aran wool I've ever seen! It's bigger than my head and only cost £7.50. And it's soft enough for me to wear... since I've been planning to make the famous owls sweater I thought it would be perfect. But then I had to get the circular needles and cable needle that I needed to make it, of course...

Then I noticed the Sidar Crofter which I saw knitted up over at Misadventures in Craft (she's going to think I'm stalking her!) but it was just too itchy for me. But then they had it in baby wool, and I've been dying to make a pair of socks out of it....

And I needed the tailors' chalk, I haven't had any for my last 2 projects and pencil just doesn't work as well.

I think I was very restrained, I could have spent much longer than an hour in there and spent a lot, lot more money. There was some amazing Regia sock wool and some lovely cross stitch kits.... Does anyone else have problems not buying the entire shop when they go into a craft store?

Anyway, then we went to the cinema and out for a meal, and I think the boy had a good birthday XD

ETA: Well, I'm an idiot. The aran is too thin for the owls pattern, which calls for chunky (it's the baby version that you can use aran for) and I thought I picked up 100g of the Crofter, but actually only picked up 50g. So now I'm going to make the Central Park Hoodie, so I need MORE of the aran, more needles and another ball of the Crofer in the same dye lot. Wish me luck for going back...


  1. Hobbycraft is a very dangerous shop to visit if you are easily tempted by a new craft. There's something about all the shiny stuff that makes you realise that of course, the one thing missing from your life is a candle making kit... even the thought of making candles had never crossed your mind before....

    I have a huge love affair with Sirdar Bonus Aran. I'm on my fifth ball in six months!

  2. I love that Owl Sweater. It's in my queue for when I eventually get to sweaters and cables. I seem to walk into craft/yarn shops with a sense of trepidation....I never know how much it will cost me

  3. I've never been to a hobbycraft - I should probably avoid it ;)

    I made my mitts with one ball of the Crofter (mine was the baby one too - it's so lovely), but if you wanted socks then you'll definitely need another ball. They'll be really cosy!

    Don't worry, I don't think you're stalking me, I'm very flattered you've been inspired by my blog :D

  4. Why don't you use the stitch pattern for the owls to make socks or something else? It is too cute to be left undone! Hobbycraft is UBERFANTASTICHE but luckily there isn't one near me. BTW, the pattern for the scarf you liked is now up! It's not too challenging or weather appropriate

  5. I can't go into a craft store without spending tons of money. It's impossible I want every thing I see.