Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Crafts are back!

I can't believe I haven't posted on here in a month, but I've been so, so busy with coursework and lectures that I just haven't had time to do very much. And when I have had time, all I've been doing is rows and rows of plain black knitting for the boys scarf, which doesn't lead to very interesting reading.
But I'm now home from Uni for the Easter holidays, and it was my mum's birthday yesterday, so I got to play with the sewing machine I got for Christmas to make her present.

Since she is a massive fan of Cath Kidston, and I just bought her amazing Sew book, I made a Cath Kidston bag, complete with logo and everything. It didn't go badly actually, saying that I've never done much on a sewing machine before. The way that it said to make the button loop in the book is apparently impossible with canvas, but obviously I only discovered this AFTER cutting the only bit of fabric I had, so I had to kind of bodge a loop with hand sewing, but honestly it didn't look too bad when it was done.

I also managed to learn how to make buttonholes, which aren't the most beautiful in the wold, but definitely work. It would probably help if I had a more expensive sewing machine, but I love my little pink one. I also decided to line the bag only after I'd sewed the facing on, but you can't really tell and I think it actually looks really good. I did manage to prink my finger and bleed all over the button when i was sewing it on, but none got on the bag so it's all good!

Also, since I'm home, I managed to get some photos of the pictures of the Christmas presents I gave my parents. For my Mum, I made the biggest cross stitch project I have ever done, which I think I started when I was about 8, and has sat in my sewing bag since then. I am so proud of it, but my god did it take a lot of time! It's by Sybilla Davis designs, who does some lovely things. I also made her a Shaun the Sheep bookmark, since she loves Shaun, having the DVD of the kids show, and also a bag in the shape of Shaun.

And then for my Dad's birthday and Christmas, I made him a hat from a pattern given out to housewives in WWII to make for the navy, as well as some fingerless gloves. They were both made from a thick, soft, camo coloured sock wool, link here, and were meant to be worn when he goes shooting or wildfowling. Apparently they are amazingly warm, which was the point since he likes to go out in all weathers. The pattern for the hat is here and ravelry link is here. The gloves are from a Sidar booklet, Ravelry link here.

All I need now is the pictures of the 2 pairs of socks I made him, but they're in the wash and I am NOT going near his dirty socks!

Edit: I've added some links in case anyone wants to find what I've used/made


  1. Handmade gifts are the best, and are often the most appreciated, too. Congratulations on your beautiful work!

  2. I love the bag. It's really cute and it looks really well done XD