Sunday, 17 April 2011

Inspiration strikes

Well, I think that WIP Wednesday actually inspired me this week, because last night I got all the cross stitch finished on my bookmark! I've actually done a bit more than this as I've done the backstitch on the tree, though there is still a few hours backstitching to do. I have to give him his namesake tattiness! It's hard to tell in this picture, but without the french knots for his eyes, he looks positively possessed.

Anyway, I was on eBay looking for a bookmark kit to do for my Gran for her 70th birthday (I can't knit her anything as she used to be able to knit a lot better than I can), I found a kit that I've wanted for ages for only £3! So I had to bid on it but, don't tell the boy...

Today, me and the boy went to our boss's house this morning as she is doing 2 jobs and needed someone who was good with computers to enter all the work that our team has been doing this week, so we spent all morning doing that. Then she gave us a lift home, and as we walked through the door my Dad was dishing up Sunday lunch for my parents and my cousins. I thought we would miss it, but we got our Sunday roast and still only had to do 3 hours walking. And even better, we get to spend the whole day entering things on Tues, as they all have to be done before Wednesday, so not much more walking this week.

Anyway, it's the boy's birthday tomorrow, and our day off. I haven't made him anything, as his scarf isn't finished and he won't appreciate anything else. He categorically does not want me to knit him socks, which I really want to do.... But I did get him a few surprises, so I hope he likes them!


  1. My boyfriend is not keen on the idea of me knitting him socks either *sigh*

  2. YAY for almost finishing the book mark... I don't have a boyfriend to knit socks for...Idk if that is a good thing or a bad thing though? As I'm sure his feet would be huge.

  3. It's a good thing. They never appreciate knits or knitting!