Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring has Sprung!

So I spent the afternoon lying on the grass in the sun. The ladybirds were out in force, I counted 17 at one point

 Lord of all he surveys. And of course, there was lots of ladybird porn:
After my day of on call yesterday on the emergency surgical admissions ward, when I was in a boiling hot room for 14 hours (8am to 10pm) full of very ill and understandably upset or cross patients, I needed a bit of sunshine. I did have an amazing day, being trusted to not only clerk the patients and take blood, but also having my diagnoses listened to and acted upon by the doctors who trusted me to get it right, that I didn't even realise I hadn't had lunch until 5:30. I hope I helped the patients I saw, and I know for a fact they were seen hours earlier than they would have been because I was there to help.


  1. What a great feeling that must be! Both, actually, helping the patients AND lying in the grass in the sun.

  2. It's so funny that you call them "ladybirds" because around here, we call them "ladybugs." I always think of Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson, former First Lady of the United States (36th) when I hear "Ladybird."

    But that's me and I'm odd like that.

  3. What a tiring but fulfilling day you had. I can imagine the comfort and professionalism your patients experienced in your hands. Good work!

  4. What I like is that you expressed empathy and understanding for the patients. It is pretty scary to be in an emergency room situation. It sounds like you had a long but successful day.