Saturday, 3 March 2012

Gigs and the weekend!

After my very busy week, I had an amazing night last night, it was exactly what I needed! My Dad came up to Nottingham so that we could go see Rammstein at the local arena. But before that, I went for a couple of drinks with all the people who are based at the same hospital as me. It was great to meet everyone, especially as we have been joined by the Graduate Entry students, who we haven't met before. It was very weird to discover that one of them went to University with, and is good friends, with my history teacher from sixth form!

Rammstein were incredible! Since we were a bit late, we ended up standing quite close to the back. But half way through the show, the band walked across a bridge over the audience and played on a little stage right next to us!
We were that close for three songs! And the pyrotechnics were amazing; they put they keyboard player into a cooking pot and turn a flamethrower on it. It was just a brilliant night.

I've also had a bit of reading time, and I've finished "Size 12 is not Fat" by Meg Cabot.
This an adult book from the author who wrote the Princess Diaries series, which I really enjoyed as a child. It's a murder mystery book about an ex-pop star who now works in a NYC dorm room. It's relatively good, though very trashy. I don't find it as well written as her books for teens, as I don't think she has experience of writing for an older audience. I think I will probably read the next book in the series, as her writing style improved throughout the book, and so I think the next one will be better written from the start.

If anyone has any good book recommendations, I'd love to hear them. Oh, and I'm on Goodreads here


  1. I'm jealous that you got to see Rammstein. Seriously jealous. Then again, it's not something that Little Man should see (yet).

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    Speaking of Little Man.......he wanted to say, "hi" apparently.

    As for book recommendations, I've got nothing. I've been "forced" to read little kid books (board books like Goodnight Moon) and that's all I read. *sigh*

  2. I bet Rammstein live is amazing! Wow, what an opportunity!

  3. I get most of my fiction books from the new book shelf at the library. I just finished Diary of a Mad Fat Girl by Stephanie McAfee and it was amusing, light reading. Before that, I read The Winters in Bloom by Lisa Tucker and came away thinking that it was just chock full of damaged people. I like the books of hers I've read, though. Joshilyn Jackson also has a fairly new book out--A Grown Up Kind of Pretty. Anything by her is good.

    We are all heavy library users in this house. :)