Friday, 16 March 2012

FO Friday - Cute Card

Just a little FO this week that I sent off to my giveaway winner. I thought I'd be nice to add something a little personal to the package
It only took me about a night to finish, and I thought it was a very cute card! The eyes are a little wonky, as I'm not the best at French knots, but I think it adds to the charm.

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  1. aww, that's adorable :) I really like the idea of adding a bit of craftyness to cards!

  2. That's too adorable. Love it!!!

  3. Lucky giveaway winner, that card is adorable. I really love the leaves, for some reason. (And I will never master French knots, I don't think. But the eyes look just fine to me!)

  4. Sublime Stitching has the best explanation for French knots. Once I found her directions, they were so much easier! But that's a very cute card either way!!