Sunday, 31 March 2013

Second Year or Projects Week 40

I can't believe there are only 3 months left of this year of projects, where has the time gone?

I've been working on my Honka scarf, it looks much the same as last week, except twice as long!

 photo DSCF2974_zpsec912801.jpg

It's going really well, though I was very confused by the fact that I was getting through the purple yarn a lot quicker than the black, until I realised that the purple has 230 yards per 100g, whereas the black has 300, so I'm guessing the black is a bit thinner, though not enough to be noticeable in the scarf.

I've come to visit my parents for the Easter weekend, and since it's still really snowy "oop north," we've had a log fire burning, which is lovely

 photo DSCF2982_zps45d401c0.jpg

It makes you feel warm just looking at the picture!

The cat isn't impressed to be here though, he's spent most of the weekend finding strategic hiding places.

 photo DSCF2979_zps62116a76.jpg

He had a traumatic journey getting here as well, he managed to poo twice and pee once in the cat carrier on the way here, and he peed just as we hit five miles of standing traffic, so we couldn't stop. At the same time, Connor's phone alarm started going off in the boot, so we had half an hour of standing traffic with a wailing cat, an alarm going off that we couldn't get to, and the music on to drown them both out. After an unceremonious bath with some wet wipes, a washed carrier and a new cushion, he was fine the rest of the way, his dignity was just a bit insulted.

The main reason the cat is not impressed now is because he can smell this thing:

 photo DSCF2985_zpsaeb9a900.jpg

Sorry for the blurry picture, but she will not stay still long enough to be photographed. At the moment, there is a pitched battle going on over a milk carton that Siouxsie (the middle dog), will not let her have.

 photo DSCF2993_zps286d428e.jpg

 photo DSCF2986_zps4aa7a01a.jpg

 photo DSCF2990_zps38438d08.jpg

We nearly had disaster when my Dad let the puppy through when the cat was out exploring. Luckily, Connor drew on his several years of rugby training to pick the dog up like you would a rugby ball out of a scrum, and ran with her back to the kitchen. The puppy didn't see the cat, but the cat's face definitely said "OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT THING?"

So we have a sulking cat, but other than that, a lovely Easter. I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Easter Sunday.


  1. We had friends up from Los Angeles (about a six hour drive) for the weekend. They brought their two kids (almost 5 years old and 9 months). My head hurts but thankfully the house isn't a total mess. It just means I get to spend the afternoon cleaning and other things. Oh well.

  2. You are brave to travel with a cat. Ours stays home when we're out. Luckily the neighbours are happy enough to pop in a couple of days to check in on her. I think she mostly sleeps when we're away.

    Your scarf is really coming along. I hope you've got enough purple yarn to finish at the length you want :)

  3. I have only travelled once with a cat in a car over a long journey, when my cat moved down the M1 to live with me. The first hour was a nightmare because she just wailed and wailed. At the service station we put a harness on her and let her out to stretch her legs. I sat back in the passenger seat and she jumped into my lap and curled up and purred. The rest of the journey was spent with her on my lap asleep and me holding onto her harness to ensure she didn't suddenly wake up and leap into the air. She didn't, but I was a bit nervous the whole time. Now we have an automatic feeder and good neighbours when we go away.

  4. The scarf is looking great ! You are a lot braver than me travelling with a cat and I hope you enjoyed the stay at your parents.

  5. I used to take my cat on vacation with me. It was always traumatic. Good luck!

  6. 3 months, I best take another look at my list. We had a fire outside over the wkend, was nice.

  7. I hope the trip back home is quieter!

  8. Wow, that scarf is stunning! Yes, the cats can never stand to have their dignity insulted.

  9. What a great post, I love your scarf and your parents' fire and your cat under the rocking horse... I'm a fan of our local cattery, but have very vivid memories of my first cat's propensity for dirty protests every time I took her to the vet.