Sunday, 24 March 2013

Second Year of Projects Week 39

Is it really time for another update already? Time seems to be flying by!

I decided that instead of casting on another pair of socks, I would knit one of the other projects from my list, and I settled on Hönkä. I've been meaning to knit this scarf since last year's list, so it was definitely time I started, and I know that it's the end of March, but I definitely have need for a warm scarf, since we have about a foot of snow that's fallen over the last 2 days or so.

 photo DSCF2970_zps09083490.jpg

The UK is not meant to look like this in March! This has also meant that we have a very pissed off cat, since he's under the impression that we are magical weather gods, and have sent this snow deliberately to annoy him.

I've managed two repeats so far, and it's very nearly 2 feet long, so I'm thinking 5 repeats will be the perfect length

 photo DSCF2965_zps5cd42940.jpg

The scarf itself is much more purple than it looks in this picture. The yarn is the one I've had in my stash the longest, as it was the yarn I learnt to knit with. However, it was originally knitted into an unfinished scarf which looked like this.

 photo Photo160.jpg

I think its new incarnation is much nicer, and much more likely to be worn. Plus it isn't triangular and full of accidental yarn overs, which is always a bonus.

I have also cast on for a pair of socks, because I needed a portable project, and two balls of yarn are not easy to transport around

 photo DSCF2967_zpsa9ec0b29.jpg

The pattern is School Days, and I had forgotten how much I hate doing Judy's magic cast on for toe up socks, it took me at least 7 tries, so they're already in time out! Hopefully they can be worked on this week, and behave themselves a bit better.

It's going to be another busy week this week, but I finish my term on Thursday, and I get a whole 10 days holiday, including a trip to Cork for a trampoline competition, so I'm really excited. I've not been on a plane in 4 years!


  1. WOW, hard to believe that's the same yarn, it looks so different. Love the new look!! How are you knitting so that both sides are purl? Very cool.

  2. Oh wow love the Honka, its been in my favourite list forever and I really love the colours you've chosen, the purple is definitely better in the Honka, I'm digging its re-incarnation. Darn it now I'm wanting to do it and I've enough already on the needles lol. Its getting colder here in Ireland rather than warmer, or at least thats how it feels !

  3. I LOVE the Honka!!!!!! It's beautiful! I need to finish one of the 4 pairs of socks ONT before I start another pair.....and yeah we keep getting snow too...and then school gets cancelled or delayed...we have lost 3 days of our April vacation to make up days...bleh!

  4. The new incarnation scarf is a huge improvement over the old. Although the old one probably beats many of my first knitting efforts hands down!

    Hopefully the new sock behaves after a couple of days in time-out. The yarn looks gorgeous!

  5. Some day I will learn the technique needed to make the Honka...but not yet.

  6. I wrote a post and it disappeared! the Honka and I want to make one even though I have absolutely no clue as to how you did that! LOL! Also love your sock yarn!

  7. I don't understand how people can carry around socks to knit, I'm always afraid of loosing all those teeny tiny stitches! The scarf looks amazing!!!

  8. wow that scarf is beautiful!! Good job, have a knitty monday xx

  9. gorgeous yarn, and double-knitting, and I think I'm going to love your new socks too :) Good luck and safe travels!

  10. Woah! That new scarf is AWESOME!!! I totally want to give that technique a try!