Sunday, 10 March 2013

Second Year of Projects Week 37

Again, not a huge amount of progress on the socks, but I have finished the first one

 photo DSCF2806_zps774d1cf7.jpg

I've gone by the size of the sock blocker for the sizing, so I hope they're going to fit. It's looking like they are going to take a bit of a tug to get them on, but they should stay on really well when they are actually on. I was knitting on the second one all day yesterday, but since I was at the pub for the LSG UK meetup, I'm not surprised that I didn't get more done!

I also came to do the cabling on the second sock, and realised that I'd followed the cuff instructions for the first, so I had to drop down 8 stitches and pick them back up in twisted rib, which took ages, though not as long as reknitting the cuff would take. This was after frogging the cuff twice because I couldn't get the stitch count right. I think these socks are cursed, and I'm sick to death of them!

I had a great time at the LSG meetup, with a very early start to catch a train to London, to visit the fabulous Loop. I was very tempted by the Woolmeise, but it was just too much out of my budget, so I got some Uncommon Thread Tough Sock instead.

 photo DSCF2819_zpsbb874b98.jpg

Who doesn't love hot pink socks?

Then it was onto the pub for lunch and cocktails. Whilst I was there, someone was offering a braid of Angora/Tussah which was partially felted to anyone who wanted to deal with it. It was so soft, and the colours were so yummy, that I couldn't resist. I have no idea how to deal with it, but I guess re-carding it will probably help... Anyone with any suggestions?

 photo DSCF2817_zpse841a3ea.jpg

My Celestarium was much admired whilst I was there, and I think I've been an enabler since people have now seen it in the flesh. I was surprised just how easy it is to wear, and how warm and snuggly it is. I think I'm in love! I never want to take it off. Speaking of which, it was featured in the Twist Collective Newsletter, I'm internet famous!

I'm just trying to get the house sorted having been away for a week again this week. Glad to be back, though I am looking forward to my second two weeks there in April. I'm starting Dermatology tomorrow, so that should be fun!


  1. Congrats on your new found fame! I keep drooling over pictures of the Uncommon Thread yarn. Let us know what it is like so I have no excuse not to buy it anymore.

  2. I do not think I would love hot pink socks. Neon green, on the other hand...I could always use a couple more pairs of those :)

    I hope to start meeting people here's boring when it's just Little Man and me and Husband and Puppy.

  3. Hope the socks improve for you,they do look good if thats any help. Hot pink socks sound gorgoeus, love the idea. I've no idea what to do with that other yarn. Congrats on the internedt fame, no surprise considering what a gorgeous shawl Celestarium turned out to be.

  4. The red socks look amazing! I have never tried cables on socks, looks like I have a new thing to try!

  5. You deserve internet fame as the shawl is great! Knitting in a pub..was beer involved...I'd really mess up then. I have no idea what to do with the felt but I do love the hot matches your blog background..

  6. Those socks are gorgeous and look complicated! I don't know how you did that while imbibing alcohol!

  7. Your socks seem like my last pair! Sounds like a great meetup..and yes bright pink socks are awesome...

    I changed the setting on comments and then changed it back..thinking there might be a hitch somewhere....but if it's still not working...I'll play with it some more...