Sunday, 3 March 2013

Second Year of Projects Weeks 35 and 36

I don't feel like I've been on here in ages, so sorry for the missing update. There are a lot of reasons, but partly that I have no laptop and partly that I have been staying in a place without internet for the entire of last week and last weekend, and I'm back there tomorrow.

But knitting, that's what you're here for.

I finished my Watermelon socks, and they look and fit great

 photo 001_zpsb213a936.jpg

They aren't perfectly identical, but they're close enough, which I'm pretty proud of. And I can't recommend this yarn enough, it's so soft and cozy, and it knits up really well! I substituted a wrap and turn short row heel for the suggested flap heel, so that I didn't break the striping, and I managed to use on entire stripe repeat on the heel, so that the stripes down the front of the sock stayed continuous.

I've also cast on my next pair of socks, which are a birthday present for my Mum. They actually weren't on the list, but I did have socks for her on the list, so I've just swapped to these.

 photo 005_zpsbb5abdb5.jpg

The pattern is Jera, and I was gifted it at Christmas. It's knitting up quite small, though it does go over my heel, so it should fit, as my Mum has smaller feet than I do. They are taking a very long time though, as there are lots of very intricate cables.

In terms of what is going on in my life, I’m currently on placement at Rampton Hospital, which is a high security forensic psychiatric hospital. I've been working with patients with serious personality disorders, who have committed horrendous crimes, which has been difficult but really interesting. I’m on a pre-discharge ward mostly, and those patients are usually very willing to tell their story. I also got the opportunity to go into the prison and see mental health care there.

It’s actually a bit of a break for me, because it’s a not formally assessed, attendance only, optional module. The only problem is, as we’re in the middle of nowhere, we’re in hospital accommodation, and there is no TV, no internet and not even a sitting room. Along with my broken laptop, my plan to spend the evenings working towards my exams went out the window, since I can’t even access phone internet. There has been a lot of DVD watching on the other student's laptop.

Also, poor Tomcat is ill!
 photo 005_zpsbb5abdb5.jpg

He has the biggest ulcer on his tongue, and his mouth is really swollen. We rushed him to the vet, and had a very worried period when he was having a blood test, because the vet had worried that he'd eaten anti-freeze. Anyway, he's now doped up and looking very derpy.

My other news is that we had the biggest trampoline competition of the year last weekend. It's two days of an inter uni competition, and I missed out on the finals by one place, and 0.1 score difference! I was so gutted, but we did really well as a club, getting about half of our numbers into the finals, and taking a 1st place and a 3rd place.

So yeh, very busy life at the moment, I should really update this blog more often!


  1. Holy Cow you're busy! Very interesting life though. My Mother was a psychiatric nurse and I was raised with much empathy for those who have to live with those illnesses and also a deep respect for those who work with them.
    Trampoline? I loved trampoline when I was young. In college it was part of the gymnastic team that I was on. You brought back lots of memories for me. Congrats on all of your accomplishments!

  2. P.S. So sorry to hear about your cat, I sure hope he gets better!

  3. I love those socks! I'm always looking at that yarn but never have bought it...I think I shall now that I've seen yours.

  4. The watermelon socks are awesome. Everything about those socks makes me happy! Jera's a nice pattern too, but I usually shy away at even the slightest suggestion of a tight fit or not stretchiness.

    It's quite an accomplishment to even get to compete for a spot in the finals, so congrats!

  5. The watermelon socks are so awesome..I looked up the yarn and there is a waiting list for it..... hope your cat gets better....

  6. You've done so much for how busy you are! Whenever I'm away from the internet I have an adjustment period of remembering what life was like before being continually plugged in, and then I start to secretly enjoy it. I hope you can find some balance with your busy busy life in not having an abundance of technology!

    And your socks are divine :)

  7. Wow you have been busy and your work placement at the moment sounds so different to what your normally up to, thank you for sharing. Love Love Love the watermelon socks, I love how you have the identical and I'm really liking the cables on the Jera. Hope Tomcat gets better soon.

  8. Oh my..what ups and down's you've had..but I'm glad you got to post again..I had to do a rotation on a psych ward, no exams but a dissertation and treatments I would have tried..(a very long term facility, no hope of discharge)..Hugs to Tomcat, he's looking a little loopy, I hope he heals up!

  9. Now if only they could make sock-shaped watermelon...

  10. Poor kitty! I hope he's on the mend.

    Gorgeous socks. I am in awe of the diversity and hard work in your life, sorry about that 0.1 of a point!