Sunday, 17 February 2013

Second Year of Projects Week 34

So the big news this week is that I have finished my Celestarium! It's all blocked, and now I just need a good occasion to wear it. I do have a beautiful black dress that I bought for graduation which will go with it really well, so waiting to go out somewhere nice. Please click to embiggen the pictures, it's really worth it!

 photo 005_zps55b6ccee.jpg

 photo 008_zps6a32d3e3.jpg

 photo 013_zpsf01f189a.jpg

Now I just need to decide how to wear it. What do you think?

 photo 003_zpse5b89bda.jpg

 photo 012_zpsb59f0cde.jpg

 photo 011_zps1deaa051.jpg

So now that I have picspammed this, can you tell that I love it?

I've also been working on my watermelon socks

 photo 020_zpsdfc75704.jpg

I'm attempting to make identical twins, which seems to be going alright, they're not perfect, but it wouldn't been seen by a man on a galloping horse. I also substituted a short row heel which I was trying to make out of an entire repeat of the striping pattern, so as not to break the striping repeat on the body of the sock, which I think went relatively well.

So a busy knitting week there. I have also broken my laptop, which means that I'm sharing Connor's gaming computer, which means that I don't get much access to it, which means I have lots of time to knit, and much less time to surf Ravelry, so my projects are coming on a lot quicker.


  1. It's gorgeous! You need to convince Connor to take you out somewhere fancy, just so you have an excuse to dress up and wear it.

  2. Oh the shawl is gorgeous! And I just love the socks!!!!

  3. Your shawl turned out terrific, I agree, you need Connor to take you out so you can show it off! Those socks are so cool looking, love them.

  4. GORGEOUS! I'm kind of jealous that you finished a shawl so quickly (mine just came off the needles after almost three years - no, that's not a typo).

    I think you can wear it any way that you feel comfortable. I think if you want it to show off all the constellations, you'll have to wear it so it's not folded over anywhere, though :)

  5. Loving the watermelon socks! Literally cannot wait to get my hands on some of that yarn!

  6. It is amazing. You are right to proud of that shawl. It will be stunning on an evening out.

  7. Gorgeous shawl. It looks awesome both ways, so I'm no help! Maybe the celestial effect is more obvious when draped singly?

    Love the watermelon socks! Now bring on summer!

  8. WWWOOOOOWWWW! looks so fantastic.

    And i love those yarns that make a picture! So clever (as are you with the heel :D)

  9. Oh...simpley stunning and such a work of art. And your socks are just plain fun!

  10. Make Connor take you out twice and wear it both it is stunning..

  11. That is STUNNING!!!!!!!! Hope you get to go some place nice very soon. You need to show that off :)
    I like the long look myself.

  12. I love your Celestarium! It's such a beautiful project and it looks great on you.

  13. The Celestarium is gorgeous! I think you could wear it any way that takes your fancy. The socks are adorable.