Sunday, 14 April 2013

Second Year of Projects Week 41 and 42

I actually have another finish this week, my Honka scarf.

 photo DSCF3145_zpsab9ee28d.jpg

Please excuse the facial expression, I had the sun in my eyes, and it was very windy! The scarf is 70 inches long, so just less than 6 foot, and very warm, which is just what I need since it looks like spring has finally come to the UK! It's been pretty warm here, and we've actually had sun!

I've also been working on my socks.

 photo DSCF3151_zps18c0e601.jpg

They don't look very different from last time you saw them, because I seem to have lost my knitting mojo. I've been working hard towards my exams, which are in 4 weeks, and when I'm not working I somehow don't feel like knitting, which is really rare for me. I don't know what's been happening!

I also haven't had much knitting time because I went on holiday! I went to Ireland with my club for the Irish Students Trampoline Open, a four day competition of bouncing, partying and generally being silly. I did alright in the actual competition, but it was so much fun to just go on holiday with my friends and spend some time with them. But since we were restricted to hand luggage only, I couldn't take any knitting with me!

My team, if you look closely, that spells out ISTO 2013 (I'm the one holding a hula hoop for an O since we were one person short to do the whole thing). There were full days of bouncing and also helping out with the competition, which is student run, so everybody has to get involved in helping out, and then dressing up and dancing all night. There were also silly challenges, like getting into a fountain (which, yes, I did do), and a full inflatable obstacle course on the last day.

As a club, we only won one medal, but since there were well over 1000 people competing, I think we did pretty well!


  1. Your scarf looks great, even if it does look as if you're speaking sternly to the photographer :)

    That Ireland trip sounds like loads of fun. I expect you maybe don't feel like knitting because your head is too full. Maybe once your exams are over and one and you've had a chance to catch your breath?

  2. Love the scarf!!! The trip sounds like you had a blast!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. LOVE the scarf, it really turned out nice.

  4. Glad to hear you had a weekend of fun before hunkering down to study-- I bet your knitting mojo returns once you've got less stress on the horizon! Good luck!

  5. I L O V E that scarf!!!! It's going on my next YOP list for sure! I want to make one in red and green but your purple and black is stunning too. Congrats on your medal! I used to be on the gymnastics team in college way back like 100 years ago when women competed on the even parallel bars. You weren't born yet so there's some history! LOL!
    Good job on the letters too!

  6. congratulations on finishing the scarf and having a great time at the competition! Seems like you are one of a few knitters who are low on ambition..or "mojo".. I think it is the is a much busier time of year..well, for me anyways!

  7. You're scarf looks amazing!! Double knitting can be challenging, it's something I'm currently trying to master. Keep up the great work :)

  8. Wow that is an excellent double sided scarf! I've always wanted to try that technique -yours looks great with those colors!!

  9. the scarf looks amazaing! I loose my mojo from time to time..usually seeing someones finished project brings me back .. or a beautiful texture I see in machine knit clothes.

  10. I love the scarf! Looks like you had great fun on the trip, even without your knitting :).