Thursday, 3 May 2012

Parcels and Dancing

So I had a very stressful night on Tuesday... I ended up in A&E (the ER to all you Americans), thanks to Connor. I came home from training to find that he’d fallen over his air compressor, which he’d left at the top of the stairs, knocked himself out and managed to stab himself in the leg with a cheese knife. In the process, he’d smashed his laptop with the only copy of his dissertation on, which was due in today.

He’s fine, no lasting damage, though with a bump the size of an egg, minor concussion and an interesting story to tell his tutor. We got home at 2am, though luckily he did managed to get an extension to his deadline and found an old copy of the dissertation on a memory stick, he has a lot of work to redo, and it was very stressful!

So I was very happy to get this in the post the next day.
I took part in an LSG swap on Ravelry, and this was the parcel I got! It's very silly, with a "look and feel like a Canadian" breath spray, and a pack of "have a smaller penis" gum. There was also some local handmade soap, a locally made notebook and some Hello Kitty sweeties. The best bit, though, has to be the yarn.

It's gorgeous! It's Fleece Artist River which is a Canadian yarn, and it's so soft and squishy. It's 40% Alpaca, 30% Merino and 30% Silk so it's absolutely luscious. Tomcat loves it, as his favourite yarn type is Merino.

I also had a lovely night last night. I was our Athletics Union ball, and a fair few from my club went. It was a really fun night, with a delicious meal and although we didn't win any awards, we had a great time. The free wine helped too. =P


  1. Holy cow. Really, the leg-stabbing with the cheese knife sort of elevates the entire episode into a Monty Python skit or something. I'm glad he was okay.

  2. A great story to tell for years to come but what a scary thing to have actually lived throught. Glad all is well (now) and that you got both a wonderful parcel and a fun night out.

  3. I think I'd be a bit freaked out about all of that, too. Glad everyone is okay (and that there isn't too much lasting damage).

    I also believe you deserved a package after all that :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I thought at first when you mentioned the ER that you were working there, but then I kept reading. Wow, Connor really took a tumble! Did he need stitches?

  5. What a scary sequence of events. Glad it turned out to be not so horrible.

  6. Yikes. I hope Connor is ok now. The swap looks really fun!

  7. Dang! Glad things weren't worse. I'm sure your swap goodies helped.