Saturday, 19 May 2012

Apologies, awards and absences

So the title isn't strictly true, but I ran out of "A" words. I know I've not been around much lately, and it's entirely due to this thing:

Yes, I know it looks very boring, but that is Connor's dissertation and it is fiiiiiinished! It took two weeks to redo the two weeks worth of work that he'd lost (surprisingly), but his supervisor was very supportive and gave him an extension, so he shouldn't be penalised for it being late.

I've been proofreader and coffee maker, and I have to say, I now know more than I ever wanted to about Roman law. At least I'm acknowledged though!

This is basically going to be all the posts that I wanted to make in the last week, but couldn't as I'd given up my computer, rolled into one. So moving on to what would have been WIP Wednesday:

I'm in the middle of a cross stitch test piece for someone on Ravelry, and I'm very annoyed with myself since apparently I can't count. I finished two petal on the second flower before I realised I was 10 stitches too close to the first flower, and therefore had to rip out both petals and start them again. It's annoying and to me it takes the joy out of working on the project until I get past the point I had to rip out. But hopefully, I can get past it this weekend and start enjoying stitching again.

That is, if I don't get distracted by this:
This is Ghostie Self Striping Yarn and I'm so excited by it. I've wanted some for over a year, and when I reached my goal weight, I decided to treat myself to some. The picture really doesn't do it justice, the colours are incredibly bright and vibrant, and it even come with a little witches hat and pumpkin stitch marker, which is the perfect touch. But after my rant about orange yarn, I can't believe I now have some in my stash!

The final bit of this post is awards. I've received two in the past few weeks, and I just want to say some big thanks!

I need to thank Shannon at A Life Flexible for this. She gave me this a few weeks ago, and I've only just got round to thanking her for it, so my deepest apologies! I'm really grateful =) I received this award before, so although I'm very touched to receive it again, I'm not going to give it out, but if you're interested you can see who I gave it to here.

Then I received the Sunshine Award from figknits, so thank you so much! I have to say, this is the perfect award, since I like my blog (and my life) to be a happy sunshiny place. Plus my friends tell me that they're sure I photosynthesise, put me out in the sunshine and I perk right up get all happy and bubbly

Sunshine Award Rules
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the 10 questions on your favourite things.
3. Nominate 10 blogs to receive the Sunshine Award and let them know they've been nominated.
My Ten Favourites
  1. Favourite animal: This is a hard one... I love cats, dogs and horses, plus any number of wild animals... Even when I was a child I couldn't answer this question.
  2. Favourite number: 5, not sure why, I just like it
  3. Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Orange juice and coffee (not together), my standard breakfast and both things I can't live without
  4. Facebook or Twitter: I like Facebook for keeping up with school and uni friends, and twitter for yarny friends!
  5. My passion: Making things
  6. Getting or giving: I can't deny I like getting things (who doesn't?) but you can't beat the warm fuzzy feeling giving gives you.
  7. Favourite Pattern:I can't really say I have one, in fact, I don't think I've ever thought about it...
  8. Favourite day of the week: Saturday, as there's nothing that has to be done, and there's still one day of the weekend left
  9. Favourite flower: Those little blue ones that look like licorice allsorts (no idea what they're called), or maybe bluebells
  10. Favourite country: I can't just pick one, that would be mean to all the other countries! I've loved most places I've visited.

So, 10 blogs that deserve this award (and that you should go read):

These are all blogs that make me smile and bring a bit of sunshine to life, and they definitely deserve this award!

And finally absences. My first clinical exams are in a month's time, so I probably won't be updating this blog very often.  I'll try to keep up to date with my year of projects posts, but no guarantees even of that. So if you don't hear from me, you'll know why.


  1. You're so sweet - thank you. And good luck with your exams... I expect to hear you cheering all the way over here once you're complete.

  2. You are too funny :)

    I'm going to have to remember about the Sunshine Award so I remember to do it. Perhaps later tonight...

    Of course, being in the midst of packing, I might forget and if I do, remind me :)

  3. Good luck on your exams!! Oooooh, a list of new blogs to check out - fun! :-)

  4. I am honored to receive this award, especially from you. Good luck with your exams. I now you will do great!

  5. Thanks for the nomination! I'm glad to bring sunshine to your life! Good luck for your finals, I was there not so long back, I dont envy you!

  6. Awww, thank you! That's so sweet, and I like the colour of the award ;)

    More importantly, good luck for your exams!

  7. Thank you! I am terrible at blog awards (if they were chain letters I'd be cursed a few times over by now) but it is such a pretty one and I'm so glad I come across as sunshiny. :) I will get to this one, but perhaps not until crazy May is over with. Good luck with your exams!