Sunday, 29 January 2012

Year of Projects Week 29

Not a huge amount of progress again this week. But I did finish one quick gratification WIP:

Ok, it's very silly! I started this just after I got my sewing machine, as a project to learn how to use it. The fabric is beautiful. It's the left over scraps of an Egyptian blue silk which my Granny bought when I was little to make me a dress. It's also incredibly hard to photograph effectively!
The front and back. The light blue edging is a little bit of gingham ribbon and it's fastened at the back with velco. This was my own patten design, and I need to realise that no matter how much seam allowance I think I'm leaving, I always need to leave more! I gathered the skirt at the waistline simply by pinning it in place before sewing it, which took a bit of time. The only things that are wrong with it are the seaming around the arm holes, especially under the arms and a little bit of the neckline seaming. Oh, and the bow isn't symmetrical.

But I can live with that, and overall, I'm pretty pleased with it.


  1. I didn't even notice the bow was lopsided when it was on the Kitty. I think it's perfect that way to give it depth.

    Trenody85 at Beself-sufficient

  2. Super cute! My little girl would love that, she adores Hello Kitty.

  3. So sweet! Those look like tiny little armholes; they'd be a challenge!

  4. That is very cute, I have been considering in buying a sewing machine but I have nowhere to put it :(

  5. So sweet~ I am not a fan of tiny sewing, so kudos to you for triumphing!