Saturday, 7 January 2012

Lesson Learnt

Yesterday afternoon I got this yarn package in the mail. I know this is breaking my resolution, but it's for a gift, and I don't have a big enough stash to knit gifts from (or at least gifts the recipient will actually like, which strangely enough I think is important).

It's gorgeous. Squishy, soft and perfect in every way, except for one thing. It is most definitely not blue...
That will teach me for buying yarn online in bed, when the room is dark and I've not had coffee yet. Looks like my Mum is getting a purple hat for her birthday.

Going off to order some blue yarn now...


  1. I think you resolution should be modified, no buying wool unless for a specific no random buying just because its pretty. It looks very pretty, even if its not blue....thats the tricky thing with photographs and how the computer shows off a colour...if only there were more wool shops around me :)

  2. Yeah, I tried that "no buying yarn for anything but gifts" thing and, let's be didn't work. In fact, I like to think that it blew up in my face. I think I wound up buying more yarn in the six months I tried to do that than I had previously owned (and this was after I had attained quite a sizable stash).

    Currently, I'm just letting the yarn flow and I buy as I want but I'm doing more shopping out of my stash, too :)

  3. I agree. When I do a gift for someone I want to make sure it's good yarn and a color they like. Most of my stash are colors I like and the the recipient, or aren't the right weight for the gift, or something, so I'm always finding myself picking up new yarn for gifts.

  4. As for the yarn, that's why I always look up pics of that color on ravelry, so I can see how the color varies from camera to camera. Dark purple yarn, for example, tends to turn up as blue on camera fairly often. -_-

  5. I do the same as Calophi--I try to cross-reference on Ravelry if I can, and any other websites that sell it. And depending on the seller, you can call and ask them, too. I'm knitting baby blankets for gifts right now with yarn I'd NEVER buy for myself--so nice (and wicked expensive)--but at least I get to knit with it!!

  6. I don't think buying yarn for gifts counts as breaking your resolution - you need the right yarn so the recipient gets something they'll love and if that's not in stash already then buying is completely necessary :)