Sunday, 22 January 2012

Year of Projects Week 23 while 28

So the title of this post is a bit of a lie, as I did no work on my year of projects in weeks 23-27, but never mind.

I haven't done much this week, but I did get out all my WIPs to examine and take stock
Rainy Cloud: Top left. Not even thought about doing the rainy drops, but it's in here for completeness

Central Park Hoodie: In the middle. It's got the back and half a side finished, and I think I can pick this one up and finish it soon. It has left the yarn box to take up residence in a bag by the sofa, so it's easy to pick up again

Make-up Socks: Bottom left. I have no mojo to make these, as this is the third time I've knitting this bit. They're in time out for a while

Warhammer Scarf: Top right. Did some more on this last night. It's now 2 foot 8 inches long, but as I think it's going to need to be 7 foot, and I'm already over half way through the yarn I bought, I'm going to need more. No idea how to match the dye lots, so I may well be Ravelry stash searching

Embroidery: Bottom right. This is going to take a very long time to do, and I'll keep picking it up occasionally.

Tatty Teddy Bookmark: Needs about an hours backstitching and then finishing off, but all the backstitch is grey, so I pick it up and get bored in 5 minutes. One day soon I'm going to sit down and finish it!

I did get something done on my list though! I finally frogged my scarf.
The stages of frogging. I'm sure most people will have done this before, but it's the first time I've frogged something, and it excited me. I have 3 large skeins and 3 small skeins from 3 balls, as each ball had a knot in it. I've also soaked in it hair conditioner, as I was told that might soften it up a bit, and it's currently hanging in my shower. Hope the kinks come out a bit...

I really like the little pile of curly wool on the floor from before I reskeined it, it looked really pretty with the variegated colours.

I just need to decide what it's going to become now. I definitely want to make a scarf, and I thought about doing another double knit one. If I do that, I'll be using black as a contrast yarn, to tone down the bright pink and purple. I was tempted by Hönkä but then Pi Digits caught my eye. I also like Celtic Knots, but I would do it as a straight scarf. Any suggestions for scarves? Not necessarily double knitting ones.

I also spent today cataloguing my stash, needles and books. It was a mammoth job! 
In vague terms, acrylics top left, baby yarn bottom left, sock wool bottom right and everything else top right. This is just the stuff that isn't attached to WIPs! I know for some people it's not a lot, but for me it's a lot. Ravelry tells me it's 11046.7m. I have 11 KILOMETRES of yarn!

Also, anybody want any odd needles? I found 13 while logging the ones that used to be my Grans and Great-Gran's.

Oh and I realised my Yorkshireisms are coming out. For anyone who doesn't get the title "while" means "to" as in "working 9 while 5."


  1. Hair conditioner? Wow, I've never heard that before, will be curious to see how that works for you. You were excited to frog....that makes me shake my head, I hate to frog....really hate it, thought most do. Love the yarn color, will look great as a scarf..without the black I think; then again I like color.

  2. Bah, you were doing more important things than knitting so I wouldn't worry that you hadn't worked on any of your YoP stuff...

  3. Sometimes you need to step back and take stock of everything like organize to feel fresh and in control. No worries!
    That purple yarn is awesome! It would be awesome in a double knit project.
    I took a class for double knitting; it's so cool. I have yet to jump in that pond but one day I shall.

  4. Odd knitting needles? How about jewelry?

    Good luck with the frogged yarn. It always looks so lovely in skeins doesn't it?

  5. Sometimes its good to step back and look at where you are with projects and you do now have all your stash sorted, 13 odd needles is well odd and I've no ideas what you will do with them, I like the idea of jewellery though. Love the look of the Honka as I think it would look great with the pink and purples and black as a contrast.

  6. Sounds like a very organised weekend! Good for you cataloguing everything :) The newly frogged yarn looks really pretty, and I think a black contrast would be a great choice

  7. That is a lot of WIP, but it is good to see where you stand with all your stuff.

    You also have a good amount of stash, glad I am not the only one with lots of wool :)

  8. My word, everyone has been so ORGANISED this week! LOL at 13 odd needles - isn't that pretty much one in every size? And I love that Central Park Hoodie, looking forward to watching that one grow!

  9. So organized now! That counts as working on projects, definitely. The embroidery with flowers is going to be beautiful when it's done but you're right, it looks daunting.