Saturday, 28 January 2012

Rise to the Challenge - Yarn Part 2

My newly spun and dyed yarn has now dried so I can show you the colour of it
But this isn't enough to make anything, which is part of my plan for this challenge. But I had 50g of British Blue Faced Leicester and Merino Roving left to spin as well as 35g of Handcarded Merino and British Shetland Batt. The roving looked like this:
And became this single
Whilst the batt was like this:
And became this:
This was the first thing that I had to split myself before drafting,  which was pretty fun. It came as a big sheet. I decided to ply them together to make yarn like this:
I love this, and I think it will go really well with the pink! Plus I still have some of the purple single left, which I will ply together soon to make a little bit of plain purple yarn. this time I have 68 yards and I can really see my spinning improving. The purple is pretty uniform throughtout the lengths of the single, which is good.


  1. Its really cool that you can spin your own stuff, I like all the different ones you have made :)

  2. I bought the kit after I saw your last link about it! Looks like I bought the same colour too ;) Thanks for the link, I spent all weekend playing with it!

    Yours looks great!