Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rise to the Challenge - Knitting

The final part of this January challenge is finished just in time!

This time, I took this:

And came out with this:
It's a cover for my galaxy tablet (currently unblocked so I could enter this in time!). This is another first, the first pattern I designed which had to be a certain size. I wanted something that wouldn't take much yarn to knit, but would be a nice way to show off a first handspun. This is perfect, as the yarn is soft and thick, so will protect and cushion the tablet whilst it's in my bag, and I love the look of it with the thick and thin yarn. Plus, this is my first time doing any sort of stranded colourwork, even if it's just stripes!

I did have to cast on 4 times, to get the correct number of stitches, and I frogged the flap once as well. It was definitely trial and error designing, but I'm really happy with the design now. The pattern will be available soon, I'm just calculating the number of stitches needed for different sizes of tablets. I was thinking of doing it for galaxy and iPad, though I can do others (maybe iPhone or Kindle) what do you think?

I can believe I have spun, dyed, designed and knitted this project myself, with so many firsts, and I'm really proud of it!


  1. I'm a fan. I still haven't actually knit anything with my first handspun...or my second or third handspuns (mostly because none of them have been washed, hung, and stretched to get out the icky kinks). Sometime soon...

  2. You should be really proud of it, it looks fantastic! I love the way you did the stripes, great use of the yarn and it really shows off your handspun beautifully :)