Sunday, 30 June 2013

Second Year of Projects Round Up

I can't believe that two years are over already, and I thought I'd have a look back at my goals.

Last year, I managed 6/12 projects, so 50%. This year I've done 15/20 knitting projects and 1/3 sewing projects, plus managed to make 19 preemie baby items


I wanted to make a pair a month, and I didn't quite manage that, but I have made 9 pairs, so I'm taking that as a big achievement. I definitely think my sock knitting skills have improved over the year, and I've posted the pictures in order of completion date

Basketweave Socks  - completed 21st July 2012

Ghostie Socks - completed 30th August 2012

Staked Socks - completed 4th October 2012

Confetti Socks - completed 11th November 2012

Socks for Connor - completed 15th December 2012

Octarine Socks - completed 17th January 2013
 photo DSCF2559_zpsf04b519e.jpg

Watermelon Socks - completed 17th February 2013
 photo 001_zpsb213a936.jpg

Jera Socks - completed 17th March 2013
 photo DSCF2957_zps29a4daf7.jpg

School Days Socks - completed 8th June 2013
 photo DSCF3682_zpsba9e25bf.jpg


There were only two things on this list that I didn't manage to make, and they'll be first on the list for next year. I still love them, it's just time to knit is shorter than I would like it to be. I did finish a project that I started in 2010 though, so the UFOs have all been done, and I made three big projects, including a sweater and a giant shawl, Celestarium, which is still my favourite project of the year.

Annikin palmikkopipo Hat - completed 24th July 2012

Top Down Raglan Sweater for Mum - completed 10th August 2012

Hat for Dad - completed 17th December 2012

Celestarium - completed 11th February 2013
 photo 005_zps55b6ccee.jpg

Hönkä Scarf - completed 10th April 2013
 photo DSCF3145_zpsab9ee28d.jpg

Rainycloud - completed 9th June 2013
 photo DSCF3677_zpse21df022.jpg

Preemie Baby Items

Total: 10 cardigans, 6 hats, 3 blankets. There are a couple in here that you haven't seen yet, as they've been this weeks knitting. And I think I've fulfilled the hospital's request for teeny tiny blue cardigans quite effectively.

 photo DSCF3776_zps0e0b2bfd.jpg


I fell down on this. I did get one long term WIP completed, but I haven't done any work on the other two projects. But they're both very long term projects anyway, and I didn't expect to get them done this year. I do need to give them a weekend though.

Tatty Teddy bookmark - completed 1st September 2012 

So that's my list for the year, not a bad completion rate I think. I will be doing it again next year, though probably with a different knid of list, which is less specific patterns and more aims and skills I want to achieve. There'll still be a few patterns on there though!


  1. You had a great completition rate. love all the socks and 9 out of the 12 is pretty great going. I hope I do half as well as you in my challenge. Your Celestarium is by far my most favoured of your projects, it was and is amazing still looking at it. Your preemie knits are as ever adorable and much needed. Looking forward to next years list.

  2. Those baby knits are adorable and the socks are fabulous - I have only ever made 1 pair that weren't great. Looking forward to seeing your list for inspiration :)

  3. I think you did quite well...and besides, you're doing school work and working in hospitals and all that. I think you did much better than I could have :)

  4. What terrific accomplishments! I loved the sock roll in the beginning.

  5. Holy cow, you made amazing progress! The last couple socks look store-bought. That scarf, is it double-sided? Love it. Can't wait to see what you make this year.

  6. I really like all your projects...I found myself adding quite a few to my "favs" but the skills might not be with me yet. Considering school and all you did REALLY well! Love your socks especially the ghosts and watermelon ones for fun. You are definitely an inspiration!

  7. What a great year! You had some really big projects completed and I don't know how you do it with school and all? Seeing your lovely socks sparks in me the desire to pull up my big girl panties and give them a try....soon!
    Can't wait to see your new list--

  8. OMG how did I miss that rainy cloud? It's freakin adorable!!!!

    Your sock parade looks fabulous, and honestly nine pairs as well as Celestarium is pretty awesome!