Sunday, 7 July 2013

Third Year of Projects Week 1

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So it's time for my new list!

I'm doing what a lot of people are doing this year, and being much more general with my list. It will still have specific patterns on it, but also just some categories. I've linked yarn to most of my projects, as one of my aims is to work mainly from stash, and at the very least have more yarns out than in this year


Socks - 8 pairs

Hopsox  - in DT Craft & Design Undyed High Twist 75/25 merino/nylon superwash 
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Speleology Socks - in Woolhunter Working Sock

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At least 6 more pairs - either from my library or my own design, using these yarns:

 photo DSCF1789.jpg
I Knit and Dye Horses
 photo DSCF1764.jpg
Lal Bear Bounce Extra
 photo 1324925945129.jpg
Berrocco Sox
 photo 1324925637098-1.jpg
Knit One, Crochet Too Soxx Appeal
 photo DSCF2819_zpsbb874b98.jpg
The Uncommon Thread Tough Sock
 photo DSCF2493_zps6a4b37bd.jpg
Jelliebean Stardust Yarn

Other 8 items

Beekeeper's Quilt - 25/384 hexipuffs - in various blue sock yarn scraps

Tubby by Anna Hrachovec

Arielle by Kim Hargreaves - in Rowan Fine Milk Cotton

 photo DSCF1045.jpg

(Get off my) Cloud - Kate Davis - in some blue acryllic from a job lot on ebay

 photo DSCF3308_zpsc63e4741.jpg

A fairisle pattern - possibly gloves or a hat - in various colours of Shetland 4ply

Use at least 3 of these yarns (pattern to be decided):

 photo DSCF3312_zps08797a58.jpg
Acryllic sport weight from a job lot on ebay
 photo DSCF2146.jpg
Knit Picks Shadow Tonal Lace
 photo DSCF0451.jpg
Crookabeck Angoras Baby Goat Mohair DK
 photo DSCF3321_zps95b1f1f0.jpg
DK pure wool from a job lot on ebay
 photo DSCF2528_zps43521007.jpg
SMC Select Extra Soft Merino DK
 photo DSCF1067.jpg
Hayfield Bonus Aran

 photo 1324925672434.jpg
Malabrigo Yarn Sock
 photo DSCF1762.jpg

Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball


Preemie items, and other charity knits using stash yarn

Designs - 4 published
I have ideas for about 7 or 8 designs, mainly socks, and I would like to get at least 4 of them knitted up and published as a pattern

Crochet - 2 projects
A couple of projects to practise - probably from Creepy Cute Crochet as gifts for friends

Spinning and Dying - 2 projects

I have some yarn that is partially spun which I want to spin up, and I would also like to tackle the fleece I have, get it washed and carded, and spin some of it. Plus, I want to try out the new spinning features on Ravelry!

I would also like to have a go at dying the yarn I spin, as well as some other undyed yarn that I have hanging around.

This section is very up for change, as long as I do some spinning, but I'm starting with the stuff I'm not too fussed about if it all goes wrong.

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 photo DSCF1794.jpg
 photo DSCF1791.jpg

Sewing - 2 items

I'm not ending to complete either of these, but I would like to do some work on at least one of my sewing projects Map of Yorkshire and Gran's embroidery

So that's my list. It's deliberately long, as it's everything I would like to do in the year, so I'm a bit more open with what I feel like doing. I have to say, unless a miracle happens, I don't see it getting finished, but I would like to make some progress on it.

I've already started on a sock design, using the I Knit and Dye Horses blue yarn pictured earlier, and have the design written up, with one sock knit. However, I've submitted it to a magazine for consideration (eeep!), so no pictures I'm afraid. 

I did get a very cute certificate this week though

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It;s for volunteering to teach some beginner classes at my University last year. Don't you love our society name?

I was going to update on my life, but I'll probably do that later this week, as this post is long enough already!

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  1. Some gorgeous yarns on the list this year! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with the Knit Picks Shadow ;)

  2. Hehehehehe.....I see sock yarn that came from me :)

  3. Absolutely love both of the sweater patterns. Your yarns are wonderful and are going to make some wonderful projects. Looking forward to seeing what all you come up for them.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Was going to pick out my favourite yarn but now can't - they're all lovely. Will be back to watch your progress ;)

  6. Love the list and how you've set out yarns to use. Can't wait to see what designs of your own you come up with, this I admire in anyone being able to do it. Here's to year 3 !

  7. Super cool yarns! I am into socks this year too but I have no stash except maybe some for that Bee Keeper! I have that in my favs and I should list it as I didn't realize (duh!) that it is an ongoing thing with leftovers. Also, there's a KAL for it so I may just hop in on that one!
    This is the greatest group...REALLY! I always feel so welcome and so inspired! I took a drop spindle class and would like to learn to spin but I will save that until after my move. Always love seeing what you're up to!

  8. Drat, I shouldn't have clicked on the link for Tubbie either! That's too cute.
    I have sock yarn envy too now. I think I'd better go buy some nice stuff to make me feel better!

  9. Your yarn roll is amazing. You have some wonderful projects planned for sure! I'm interested also in your spinning. I don't know if I'd ever start from that far back with fleece but I hope to try out my spinning.

  10. Yeah..yarn and sock will be fun to follow along with you for another year..More hexipuffs, they're addicting..I've had to add Arielle to my queue!

  11. Your yarns! They are gorgeous and given what beautiful work you do, we will be seeing some lovely FOs this year. I am in love with Arielle-so fine and delicate looking.

  12. Wow, that's loads! The thought of making that many pairs of socks makes me feel a bit dizzy....I've definitely not been bitten by the sock bug, but I love my finished socks enough to consider making another pair.

    Love (get off my) cloud, gorgeous, I love hoods...I reckon I'll keep that in mind.

    Love tubby too....lots of great projects!

  13. I am in love with the Beekeeper's Quilt. I may need to make a crocheted version! Lots of cute stuff on your list, I can't wait to see how they turn out.

  14. The more general lists I'm seeing this year seem to be more manageable to me (not that I participate, I change my mind far too much!) Love the yarns, you've got some great choices to work with :)

  15. Some awesome looking skein. Glad to see charity on your yop list. Cute Certificate! That has to make you feel good.