Sunday, 16 June 2013

Second Year of Projects Week 50-51

I can't believe how close we are to the end of this year! (and somehow, I'm going to end up with 53 weeks in the year, not sure how that happened...)

I've finally got around to finishing a few long lasting projects, so this is a very picture heavy post. The biggest is my School Days socks.

 photo DSCF3698_zps4c03d83e.jpg

 photo DSCF3695_zps70fb4bf3.jpg

 photo DSCF3693_zps61c658ac.jpg

 photo DSCF3682_zpsba9e25bf.jpg

For such an easy pattern, it has taken me a ridiculously long time to finish these. I'm really pleased with them, although the toes are a bit blocky, and I would start with less stitches if I were to make these again.

I've also finished a couple of preemie cardigans. I have enough of this yarn left to make another two cardigans before I donate them, so I'll probably knit those in the next week.

 photo DSCF3684_zpsc5bcd4c7.jpg

And finally, I finished my longest project ever. This has been on my list for the last two years, and it was started in May 2010. It's been waiting for raindrops for that long, and it only took me an hour to finish once I picked it up again, don't know why I didn't do it before!

 photo DSCF3677_zpse21df022.jpg

I've also finished a few non-list projects. I decided to learn to crochet, as a summer project, and I've made a couple of "squares" (which aren't very square), to practise my stitches. Not sure what to do with them now, but they don't look too bad.

It's a good job I decided to learn, because I got a gift of Creepy Cute Crochet from my best friend for my birthday, and I will have to make a Ninja at some point soon.

 photo DSCF3388_zps45a7e8a4.jpg

I needed to learn to crochet, to make the eyes for my Owly cushion, which I've also finished. It was a massive success with my friend, who did comment that I wasn't supposed to give her a present on my birthday! I've already had several requests from other people for one of these.

 photo DSCF3379_zps82fa3834.jpg

 photo DSCF3384_zps0804b51e.jpg

I had fun when I came to stuff it. I had a little bag of stuffing, and I commented that I wasn't sure I would have enough. Then I opened the packet, and there was a stuffing explosion! I was sitting on the sofa with stuffing covering me from head to toe, not sure how they crammed it all into that little package.

Since I did a bit of travelling, I've also made about five Doctor Who themed dishcloths (so far), but I don't have pictures of those yet. So, all in all, a lot of knitting, which has been good for the summer. I'm back to University tomorrow, so I think that the rate of projects will slow down a bit again now though.

The rest of this post is not knitting related, you have been warned!

I did have a bit of a disappointment last weekend though. We were meant to be going to Spain for a few days, and originally we were delayed for six hours, due to the French air traffic controllers' strike, then we got onto the plane, and after an hour's waiting, the flight was cancelled, and we had to get off and go home.

There were no more flights for the next two days, due to the strike, so we were out one holiday and quite a bit of money, as well as the holiday being my birthday present for my entire family. Since I don't really get any time off now for the next year, I was really upset about it, and my Mum (who is a star), stepped in to put money towards a spa day and a night in a hotel for me and Connor.

 photo 2000-01-03163146_zps574019d0.jpg

(Click to enlarge, you can see the whole spa)

 photo 2000-01-03163033_zps5c7129e2.jpg

 photo 2013-06-13155943_zps5b66e938.jpg

It was gorgeous, with a swimming pool and whirlpool, sauna, steam room, and outdoor hot tub that we sat in in the rain.

And I got a free mini pedicure, so I have pretty pink toes.

 photo DSCF3700_zpsa59e7642.jpg

So it wasn't a complete wash out of a holiday, and then yesterday we went to Download Festival 2013, a rock festival, with my Dad, and had a really great day, seeing some amazing bands.

So in the end, it was a great end to the holiday!


  1. I thought I remembered something about you going to Spain. So you couldn't go because of the strike and they're not reimbursing you for the cost? I'd be throwing quite a fit about that...not that it would do any good.

  2. School Day Socks rock, love them and as always I love your preemie cardigans. Your rain cloud with raindrops is just to cute !. You could make a blanket or cushion cover with the practise squares make a couple more of them and join them together. Would be a nice project reminder of how you started because believe me once you master those stitches and start crocheting you will get it hard to put it down. I'm juggling the two. I'm sorry to hear about your holiday what a bummer as you've been working hard all year and with not much time off for the foreseeable future ! Mom's to the resuce, where would we be without them, glad you enjoyed your spa day and festival and love the toes !

  3. So frustrating! I'm glad you at least got a mini-vacation!