Sunday, 2 June 2013

Second Year of Projects Week 45-49

So, I am still here and still knitting, honestly!

I've had exams and all knitting went on hold for almost a month while I worked as hard as I could for them. Now that I'm on holiday, I'm enjoying sitting in the sun and knitting my heart out (as well as catching up on all the housework and washing that needed doing!)

It seems like most of the knitting has been on non-list projects though. One of the things I've been working on off my list is my School Days Socks

 photo DSCF3353_zps6bc2242e.jpg

So far I've finished one sock and started another, and I'm pretty happy with them. The yarn is a gorgeous colour, and the pattern lets the yarn shine through without being boring. The pattern is really well written too, with the choice of fully written instructions, or a chart.

I've also started a Beekeeper's Quilt, using blue sock yarn remnants. I've had this plan for a while, and now seemed like a perfect time to start it, as it's easily portable and doesn't take much concentration, for when I'm going places.

 photo DSCF3300_zps7c4ba2b2.jpg

I have about 12 puffs so far, and they're so cute. Not sure I've got enough blue scraps to make the whole thing, but I really don't want to mix colours, so I'll just have to keep my eye out for more! I have to say, when knitting this, I keep singing "Everyday I'm Hexipuffling" to the tune of "Everyday I'm Shuffling," so I do get some weird looks...

I'm also making a project to challenge myself. Owly Cushion is going to be a new room warming (instead of housewarming) gift for my best friend, who's coming to stay for my birthday next weekend

 photo DSCF3347_zps1b7f892f.jpg

This is my first time doing both intarsia and fairisle knitting, and I have to say I prefer the former. I'm finding it very hard to keep tension on my floats properly on the fairisle side.

The cushion also involves learning to crochet, to make the eyes, so that's the next challenge, and three new skills in one project! It's also good to use up yarn scraps, which is good, because after my exams, I treated myself to not one, but two job lots of yarn off ebay. It's all really good stuff, but I'm not going to use it all, so I've listed the stuff I'm not going to use on my destash page on Ravelry. It's mainly vintage 4ply and undyed DK/sport weight wool, but please have a look if you're interested (shameless plug)...


  1. Woo-hoo for vacation!

    I've been pondering the Bee Keeper's Quilt but I don't know that I have enough patience to knit all those puffs, even if they are quick and easy. We'll see. It's in my queue and I haven't been getting rid of my sock yarn scraps so....yeah.

    I've heard that if you knit stranded knitting inside out, the floats come out better. I haven't tried it, though.

  2. Hope your exams went well, have been thinking of you, enjoy your holiday now and hope you catch up on lots of knitting. Love those school day socks and the colour is great. Your Owl Cushion sounds like a great way to learn new skills and all in one project I like that idea even more.

  3. Well--exams would certainly keep me from knitting--but now the pay off...vacation! Hope you really get to relax-and your projects all look great. I love your blue idea for the bee keeper's quilt--so pretty.

  4. Intarsia and fairisles + exams *shudder*.. every time someone brings out the hexi's like a yawn in a room full of people... contagious and everyone gets the urge to do them..! Nice to catch up!