Sunday, 23 June 2013

Second Year of Projects Week 52

I have to say, I seem to have gone off list quite a lot recently, but I think that might be because it seems unlikely that I will get another big list project finished before the end of the year. I have been knitting some more preemie items, since they're so quick and easy, but no pictures at the moment.

But I've made a large amount of off list dishcloths. In fact, you could say I've been on a dishcloth spree.

 photo DSCF3758_zpsc6c6a2e9.jpg

These are all designed by Holynarf, and if you're a big Dr Who geek like me, I'm sure you'll recognise what's on them all. I can highly recommend all her designs, which are very easy to follow, and are only patterned on the right side, making them a very quick knit. I can make one of these in an hour or two.

 photo DSCF3749_zps1232ac87.jpg

 photo DSCF3747_zps02281737.jpg

 photo DSCF3739_zps68640c1c.jpg

 photo DSCF3733_zpseea9ec35.jpg

 photo DSCF3724_zps9c526912.jpg

 photo DSCF3718_zps1d2c2799.jpg

 photo DSCF3716_zps1354b6e4.jpg

 photo DSCF3711_zps013fadcd.jpg

 photo DSCF3708_zpsf12d5005.jpg

 photo DSCF3702_zps34384bec.jpg

The last of these is Exfoliate another easy to follow pattern. I couldn't resist the bobbles, which make it the perfect Darlek cloth, since it looks so like them.

 photo DSCF3728_zpse05a8fa8.jpg

I started placement again on Monday, doing a surgery placement, so I don't have a huge amount of time to knit, and mindless dishcloths have been perfect for when I come in of an evening and am tired out, since I'm still settling into the placement and the long drive there and back.


  1. I cannot tell a lie....I have been doing the same thing so I didn't post pics of them since they weren't one my list for this year! LOL!
    I've been focusing on my house so I can sell it and like you I'm tired at the end of the day and it's so easy to crawl in bed and watch t.v. and knit a's about all I can do by that time of night!
    I'm not a fan of Dr. Who but your washcloths are really nice. I am a fan of the one color patterned ones and plan on doing them for holidays, gifts, etc. I spied some Halloween ones I really liked. See you next year! LOL!

  2. I've been planning to knit most of those dishcloths...I may get around to it sooner rather than later. I'm participating in a Doctor Who swap and I need a handmade item :)

  3. Dishcloths are just awesome for some mindless knitting in the evenings when tired. Love all the cloths and I think they should be a staple on everyones yop list for these such occassions. I do hope the placement goes well.

  4. There are people who are not Dr. Who geeks? Impossible!

  5. I'm so confused, made a real effort to get a post up today, thinking this was our last one for the year; but wasn't even able to add my link, the thread seems locked? Guess this was suppose to be our first new one? But, I thought we ran til the end of the confused. Love the cloths, but had not clue what they were since I've never watched a Doc Who, but it is all the rage. Great colors, the designs show up nicely.