Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Third Year of Projects Week 12

This week has been all about working on Speleology. There isn't much to say about it that hasn't already been said really!

 photo DSCF4343_zpsc0447bc3.jpg

I've done pretty well so far, but I did have 7 hours of train knitting to work on it, because I went to visit my best friend this weekend, and the already long train journey was delayed by an hour. At least it was sunny on the station, but my pattern nearly blew away!

It was a really good weekend. I'm thinking of moving up to her city next year, so we went to look at the hospital and to every yarn shop in the city (6 I think). I didn't buy anything, but not due to lack of things to buy.

 photo 599701_10153259993080156_1039918252_n_zpsd5211c87.jpg

Yes, we were being stupid, but she loved Cthulhu. He is now on her bookshelf with Sidney the Dugong in a top hat and Arnold the owl cushion (she gets all the stupid things that I make...). There were some nice pictures but apparently the only one I have is us messing around with duckface.

 photo 5825787323_4738d46a99_z-001_zps2ca68ebf.jpg


  1. How fun to take a train to visit a bestie! And 6 yarn shops via yarn hoppin'? How cool! I like how your socks are coming out. The colorway's like a sky or a soft baby elephant for a baby.

  2. Lovely to hear of you visiting your bestie and I'm glad she liked Cthulhu he's to cute. Love the picture and being silly makes the best pics. Great looking socks.

  3. I would say that's more of a "kissy face" than a "duck face." Or maybe I'm wrong. I dunno.

  4. Train knitting is the best! :)

  5. I'd be thinking of moving too with six yarn shops to choose from............we have one tiny wool shop here. Love your train knitting socks, very pretty.