Tuesday, 1 January 2013

So long 2012! Welcome 2013!

So it's the time when I look back over my  year. I think 2012 has been a successful year, I finally feel like I'm becoming a doctor, being on the wards and helping patients. I was the first person in the world to hold two new lives this year,and that is just incredible. I also got my first degree, and now have letters after my name. Oh, and we gained a new member of the family, Sir Tomcat Fluffbucket Littlehales Moss, aka Mister Tomcat
Knitting and crafting has also been very successful, 33 projects knitted, which is more than the 25 of last year, 4 handspun yarns and 4 cross stitch projects. The knitting involves 6 pairs of socks, 6 hats, 2 jumpers and 15 preemie charity items
Last year I wrote a list of goals for the year, and I thought I'd see how they turned out.
  1. Finish my dissertation - check, and came out with a first!
  2. Lose weight - done, but gained some back over Christmas, so still ongoing
  3. Go to the gym 3 times a week  - I managed this for 6 months,and then ended up working an hour away for the last 6 months, so need to get back into going
  4. Knit an adult sized garment  - two adult jumpers knitted, and both fit!
  5. No buying yarn  - lets not talk about this one...
  6. Learn to spin - I think I've done ok on this one, I've spun a couple of yarns, both on a drop spindle and a spinning wheel!
  7. Write more blog posts - well I wrote 82 in 2011, and 93 in 2012, so I've not done too badly, though I would like to write more
So 4 full successes, 2 partial success and one major failure.

My goals for this year:
  1. Continue to work hard and do well at my medical degree
  2. Lose the weight I've gained and go to the gym more
  3. Learn to do a back somersault in trampolining
  4. Spin some more handspun
  5. Knit a complicated shawl
  6. Update this blog more than once a week
  7. Edit: Read more books for pleasure!
Happy New Year to you all, and I hope 2013 brings you all the joy and happiness!


  1. Wow, the back somersault sounds like a tough goal (or maybe I just don't know enough about trampolining). Happy New Year and I wish you the best in achieving your goals in 2013!

  2. How incredible to hold two new lives and we are barely into the new year! I can only imagine the success you'll hve with your 2013 goals!

  3. Wow, you've done an amazing job with your goals of 2012, I have no doubt you'll be super successful this year too :) As for buying less yarn, I don't think that's something any of us manage for long!

  4. Woo-hoo! I, too, need to get rid of some excess weight (though I suspect that I have quite a bit more than you)...and I wound up making a calendar for the year that has when I'm supposed to update my blog and with what. We'll see if that works out...