Sunday, 20 January 2013

Second Year of Projects Week 30

So I have a finish this week, yay!

 photo DSCF2559_zpsf04b519e.jpg

I've completed my Octarine socks, and I am loving them. I'm wearing them as I write this, and they're probably the best fitting of all the socks I have knitted for myself. Someone asked for modelled pictures, and I have a fair few.

 photo DSCF2570_zpsc8ad0f39.jpg

 photo DSCF2592_zps82301bbc.jpg

 photo DSCF2600_zps9f49c511.jpg
Please excuse my chubby legs! They're quite loose around my ankles, but that's fine because they go quite high up my calves, and are tight enough up there to stay up.

I've also cast on Celestarium this week, which isn't on my year of projects, but I thought I would post it here anyway. Last night I stayed up much later than intended, but I got chart D finished


This excites me, and I think I would get through it much quicker if I didn’t keep stopping to see which constellations I’ve got. I did have one wrongly placed bead, by reading the first 8 stitches of chart D2 as 10, but I was able to drop down and move it, so it’s all good now. I'm loving the yarn, which is really silky soft, and the beads pop really well, so it's exactly how I'd envisioned it.

I’ve managed to dent my needles though, because when changing the cable I’d screwed one in so tightly I had to use my teeth to loosen it :/

This shawl will probably take me a very long time, since I'm only about 10% of the way through the body, and I'm not even thinking about the edging yet!


  1. That shawl is going to be stunning. It's going to be quite a project thought I think. The socks looks gorgeous. I have same problem with baggy ankles on socks. I usually just start small and add increases for the calves.

  2. Two pieces of stunningness! Love the idea of knitting the constellations, and the inky darkness of your sky.

  3. What a great idea for a shawl! I can't wait to see you finish it.

  4. Love the Celestarium and please do keep posting about it, I don't mind if its not on this years yop list, I want to keep seeing it, it looks amazing so far so can only imagine what its going to look like as it grows. Really love the socks also, am going to remember that pattern.

  5. I, too, like the Celestarium shawl and you could always add it to your list...I think I did a lot of that last year. I probably will again.

    I'm still all confused how you get beads into the work. I've watched videos and it just doesn't make sense to me. But that's me.

  6. Awesome socks! It's so nice to see pics from the front and the back. Sometimes it's the view from the heel that I like best of all! And look how lovely the pooling is across the foot. Looks very inky-swirly!

  7. These socks are so awesome! I love the combo of the colors, and agree - you did a great job photographing them!

  8. both of your projects look beautiful! Are the socks subtly striped or is that just my monitor?

  9. I am so looking forward to that shawl being finished! The socks look great!

  10. I think those are my favorite socks of yours so far...well done..and I'm with ruth..please keep us updated on Celestarium..looks intriguing..

  11. The socks look awesome! I can tell even in the pictures how well they fit and how comfy they are.

  12. Love your socks....I'm so inspired when I see great socks! The shawl is absolutely amazing! The's going to be already is! I'm impressed!