Wednesday, 10 October 2012

WIP Wednesday - Spinning Practise

I had a much needed day off yesterday, and decided to spend my uninterrupted free time doing a bit of spinning practise. A while ago, I acquired some free unidentified wool, and I though, rather than using my nice stuff for beginner spinning, I'd use this, then I could have a play with dying as well.
I'm going to ply it with the unidentified wool and linen blend I also received, and see how the two take up dye differently. My aim was to have an even single that wasn't too thick, so that hopefully the two ply would be around fingering weight and I could make hexipuffs from it. I have no idea if that will work, but the single is relatively even. It was quite sticky wool, I think it still had some oils on it, and so there are a few lumps at the start, where I was getting used to it, but the rest seems to be ok.
I'm still trying to figure out the brake on my spinning wheel. Who would have thought a millimetre difference on a wooden peg would change the bobbin from not picking up anything to splitting the yarn that's being spun. Any suggestions on how to tell how tight the brake should be?

Crewel World (A Needlecraft Mystery, #1)
In terms of books, I've just finished Crewel World by


  1. I haven't spun in forever...before we moved, for sure. Maybe I should have an affair with my wheel sometime this week.

  2. Your spinning looks very good. I don't have any good advice about the brake system just adjust until your happpy with amount of twist and take up. Sometimes the wheel like it if the single is angled in the dead center of the orifice to get takeup.