Sunday, 21 October 2012

Second Year of Projects Week 17

I haven't had much time at all for knitting, thanks to four 12 hour shifts this week (which I will tell you all about in a minute). Since I've been very busy, and a bit sleep deprived, mindless knitting on a simple baby blanket has been perfect.
This is a mid blocking picture, since it was only finished half an hour ago, so it's not very true to colour, but this is a much better size than the last blanket! It's also been blocked a lot straighter than that picture makes it appear,the perspective is all weird.

So not much knitting, but I have had an amazing, if knackering, week on placement. I was on labour ward for three 12 hour night shifts and a 12 hour day shift, and I've had the privilege of seeing the births of 7 new little humans. It was absolutely incredible. It is amazing sharing the moment of, and just after, birth with the families. I also got to deliver one baby from start to finish, at ten past two on Wednesday morning. I was the first person in the world to touch her, and got to pass her to her mum. It was just an incredible moment, and I was on a high all day.

However, I am apparently an interesting person to have around. Of the 5 normal births I saw or assisted (2 were emergency caesarians), 3 came unexpectedly, with no warning for the midwife. And of the two I assisted on, neither mother spoke English, making things difficult for the staff, both had small children with them, and both had started delivering before the midwife had anything ready for the baby. The second, I was supposed to deliver, but came so quickly the midwife literally had to catch the baby boy. She didn't even have gloves on and I had to run and grab all the stuff needed. The mother went for 1cm dilated to baby born in 13 minutes, which is almost unheard of. Don't worry though, all mothers and babies were absolutely fine, and none the worse for wear, the midwives were just threatening to send me into the rooms of all the women who were having long drawn out labours, in the hope that I could speed them up a bit.

I am so grateful to the parents who let me be in the room with them during these moments, even though it is a very intimate event, and they have every right to refuse. I had a wonderful week, and I will never forget those families, parents and children, and the staff who were so kind to the lost medical student, even though they see different students every week, and have no need to be.


  1. I think any mother would be thrilled to deliver a healthy baby in 13 minutes, so you'd be a very welcome site if you're the good luck charm :)

  2. I used to work in health care, and I'm always amazed by the generosity of people who allow medical and nursing students to train in the midst of their intimate moments. The blanket looks lovely, and congratulations on your deliveries!

  3. Sounds like an amazing week!