Sunday, 28 October 2012

Second Year of Projects Week 18

My post is a bit late today, due to a lovely weekend at my parent's house, with terrible traffic both there and back. We travelled at 20mph most of the time, and the 1 hour 45 journey took 3 hours there and 2.5 back.

I've been working on my Confetti socks.
I'm making this sock for my friend's birthday, but I love them. I want to keep them for myself! It's a very simple pattern to follow, but it looks great in hand painted yarn, and it knits up really quickly. I decided to do solid heels and toes, and I'm really impressed at how well the leftover purple yarn matches the purple in the hand painted yarn. And the yarn, Blackberry Ridge Mermade Plus, is gorgeous, these socks are going to be really soft and warm. I also like the cuff, which is made with a provisional cast on, knitting 8 rows then folding it over and knitting two together all the way round. I'm not sure how well it'll hold up, but we'll have to see. But all in all it's a really well written pattern, and great TV knitting.

I also got a good picture of my finished blanket.

I've had a lovely weekend with my parents. On Saturday, my Aunt and Uncle brought over my cousins (one of whom is my Goddaughter), and I got to spend the afternoon playing with them. The little boy is nearly 5 and loves Angry Birds, so he may well get an Angry Birds hat for Christmas! And my goddaughter is nearly 3 and loves ponies and hello kitty. She's so chatty now, and I got lovely cuddles and kisses when they left. i haven't seen them in ages, and it was amazing just how much they've both grown up.

I also indulged in a lot of puppy cuddles
 The "play with me" face.
 She's so cute, and still as mad as ever. She's just like a baby, wanting attention all the time, and not believing that anyone else should get it. She's totally jealous if you fuss the other dogs.
The whole lot, Jessie, the oldest, is sitting as far away as possible, and Siouxsie (Suzie, my Mum likes Siouxsie and the Banshees,) is not meant to be in that crate!


  1. Your yarn choices do look lovely in the sock so far...but how can it be tv knitting? Clever you, I know it would be sit up straight full concentration knitting for me!

    Sounds like you had a lovely time with your family and the dogs are gorgeous!

  2. Well I was all set to comment on your lovely knits, but then I saw those puppy eyes and all other thoughts went out of the window. CUTE!

    What a lovely weekend - shame about the traffic! Hope you have a good week.

  3. Those socks are stunning--what a lucky friend you have! What sweet puppies--and I must say that owning a dog is like having a 2 year old child...forever! :)

  4. Those socks are simply fantastic, I love the yarn colours and how they are knitting up!! What a really cute baby blanket and your trip home despite the journey to and from looks like a great time. Nothing like lots of cuddles and kisses from 3 year olds.

  5. I agree with everyone else, the yarn for the socks, and the socks are perfect.. Did you dye the yarn?

    Puppy looks like a bundle of energy, along with the genetics of a NS duck tolling retriever!

  6. What a weekend full of cuteness, sorry about the rough journeys though. Beautiful sock and blanket :)