Sunday, 30 September 2012

Second year of Projects Week 14

So the socks are well on their way to being done
I know that pictures of black cables don't come out well, but you get the idea! Again I had issues with the pattern, as to get 22 stitches on the heel flap, I had to leave out the decreases on the last row again. Also, the pattern says to follow the instructions for right sock exactly, but use the charts for the left foot. However this doesn’t work as you have to transfer a stitch from those picked up on the right side of the gusset to the top of the foot, but this puts all the charts out, instead you need to transfer one from the left side of the gusset. Yet again I picked up an extra stitch, so the socks match, and I have figured out that it is the only way to get 92 stitches. So although this pattern looks amazing, there are a fair few mistakes in it, which is a bit disappointing, as it's the first pattern I've paid for on Ravelry. I don't understand why other people haven't had this problem, but maybe none of them made the size I did, seems unlikely though...

I can't wait for these socks to be done! I think they look great, but there are so many fiddly little cables, I need to knit something simple on big needles!

In other news, I got to help deliver my first babies on Thursday, and it was amazing! They were both c-sections and I was scrubbed in and assisting in theatre. I got to feel the uterus as it contracted afterwards and feel the bladder, tubes and ovaries. And I got to deliver the placenta for one of them, which was amazing, and much more fun than it sounds. It was just the coolest morning, and I got to hang out with a doctor who graduated from my medical school 2 years ago, and was an amazing teacher who also told me what to expect in my exam. And I have her bleep if I’m ever bored and want to do something interesting.

I'm still looking for pattern suggestions for the lovely yarn I got from Tink, so please recommend your favourite laceweight small shawls or scarves, preferably complicated and with a plant theme!


  1. When Little Man was born, my OB had a med student with her, my anesthesiologist had a med student with her, Little Man's pediatrician had a med student with him, and there were a smattering of nursing students. It was nuts how many people were in the room with me during that C-section!

    As for the socks...I love socks. I need to make more socks. And a sweater. I think I need a sweater. But, nevermind that :)

  2. I bet your cables are just lovely :)

  3. Um, delivering the placenta could hardly be LESS exciting than it sounds LOL!

    I hate it when patterns aren't right; especially paid patterns. If it's free, I can cut the designer some slack. What pattern is it?

  4. That is disappointing that you've had to make that many adjustments to the pattern. Aren't they usually tested by several people before someone posts and sells their patterns? You're OB day sounds amazing!

  5. I almost failed an ob rotation cuz I had a cold sore, can't be near the ward with one..course the more I worried about failing, the worse the sore got... acckkkk! had to repeat a week, but made it through.. 1st baby I assisted was a v del, baby boy, named angel... many years ago, but never forgot!