Monday, 17 September 2012

Second Year of Projects Week 12

Sorry my post is late, but I had my best friend staying for the weekend, so I wasn't able to post yesterday.

The Staked sock is going really well so far. There was something a bit funny with the maths, when turning the heel, to get the correct number of stitches there were no decreases on the last row, and then when picking up the gusset stitches,the number it said to pick up did not add up to the number you were supposed to have, so I had to fudge it a bit, but it seems to have worked OK.

Sorry, cables and ribbing in glittery black yarn is not easy to take pictures of, but you get the idea!

Life update: (anyone just here for the knitting stop now!)

I finished my exams on Thursday. I wanted a baby with fever, but instead got a six year old boy with a type of cancer I’ve never heard of. Turns out, it has an incidence of 2 in 1,000,000 and normally effects 30-40 year old women, so I’m not surprised. I did OK I think, got the questions right (they didn’t expect me to know about the cancer type, just more general questions) and was told my presentation was very succinct (not sure if that’s a good thing or not). I forgot to check for hepatomegally, but I did get on well with the child,and he was helping me listen to his heart, and in my communication scenario, on head injuries, I was prompted to offer an information leaflet, which I was planning to offer at the end, but all in all it went ok I think. I’ve finished paediatrics now, and I started my Obs and Gynae induction today with pictures of prolapsed (fallen out) uteruses and a real video (on VHS!) from the 90s of births. I think they're just trying to scare us on the first day!

I had a fantastic weekend. I spent Friday clearing up the spare room, which has been an absolute mess since we got burgled, when we just closed the door on it and left it until we had more time. It's a good job that I did, because, on Friday afternoon, my best friend rang and asked if she could come stay. She's having a tough time, so I said sure and she jumped on a train half an hour later!


After (nothing on the floor!):

I literally threw away  a  four foot square box of junk and I also sorted out a load of stuff which was still nice, but I knew I would never use, to put on the UK Karma Swaps and the UK Jumble and Crafty Swaps on Ravelry, and a lot of it's been snapped up, so it's nice to know the things I won't use are going to a good home!

We spent Saturday in the city centre, and went to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, which is built into the cliffs and is England's oldest pub, dating back to 1189AD. 
 They brew their own beer, so I bought her a taster board!
After a wild night out on Saturday, we sat down on Sunday and I taught her how to knit and purl! She went home today (minus her shoes because Connor locked them in the porch... Oops..) with her own ball of yarn and some knitting needles, cursing me because she's already got a list of things on Ravelry that she wants to knit and she starts a new job next week...

So a successful end of exams celebration :)


  1. Congrats on doing so well with your test case. What a lovely weekend you had ... I hope you cheered up your bff even though you've now introduced her to a new obsession!

  2. Emma,

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time of I've said before you are very a thoughtful woman who cares...about friends, your career and your knitting, and it shows so well..I am very happy that your exam went well and that you got to celebrate...I wouldn't mind a trip to Ye Old First English Pub, before I leave this planet...but then again, I have still not made it to either ocean here on my side of the Pond....I hope you have a fantastic week! Love, love, love the sock!

  3. I was searching for info about bladder prolapse and I stumbled upon your blog. You did mentioned it in your post, how did it go?