Monday, 14 November 2011

Year of Projects Week 18 & 19

Well, it's been a week of traumas and dramas with knitting... OK I exaggerate slightly, but it certainly felt like that! You might remember that last week I was worried about the gauge on my socks, and whether they were going to fit/whether I was going to have enough yarn. Well I continued regardless, turned the heel, and guess what? They don't fit on my foot!

Well just for a comparison, here's the sock next to my foot:
My ankles are never going to fit in that, no matter what I do!

So I frogged all that work and started again:
Doesn't look any different  right?

But look at it on my foot (I'll spare you the naked foot pictures this time!)
I think this one might actually fit me!

I have to say, I learnt a lot the first time around, especially magic cast on and wrap and turn heels, and I did make some mistakes in them. At least this one should (hopefully) have less mistakes. And it only took me one try to do the magic cast on, rather than the eight it took last time!

Hopefully, I won't get stuck with third sock syndrome...

Not much knitting time this week, as I have an exam on Wednesday, and as usual, Uni work is piling up, but hopefully, I might get at least one of these finished this month!


  1. Love the autumn color and the pattern!

  2. I feel for you there. I just had to rip out a 2 at a time pair last night and almost couldn't find the mojo to start them over. U go girl!


  3. The patterning is very pretty and the colours are lovely. It's horrible having to rip things back, but as you said you'll whizz through it this time as you know what you're doing.

    Good luck with your exam!

  4. What terrific details on this sock! Good for you to frog and do over ... while it's frustrating, I think it's the only thing to do to feel fully satisfied in the end. Good luck with your exams!

  5. I just don't like toe-up...they don't fit me as well. But if I could get over it, it would cut down on the yarn anxiety, I suppose. I hope you don't get third sock syndrome too!! Good luck on the exam!

  6. Nice colorway and I'll have to try a toe up sock pattern one day.

  7. I love the pattern and colour of your sock and I'm glad its going to fit this time, nothing worse than frogging for something still to be wrong. :)

  8. Argh knitting that far just to find the heel doesn't fit is the worst! Good luck with it this time :)